Best Apps to Help You Get Over a Breakup

Thanks to advancements in technology, there seems to be an app to tackle every hard circumstance in life.

From doing laundry to finding a date, there's an app for it all. So it only makes sense that they've got a few for one of the hardest things you will ever have to do: break-up.

Below are three digital services will give you a leg up when it comes to moving on after an intense relationship.


Your room can be an emotional landmine when it comes to moving on from your ex. You can stumble upon your former S.O.'s fave T-shirt, or the record they gave you for your birthday. If you find yourself avoiding these objects like the plague, this service is for you. ExBox is a clutterremoval and storage company that helps you toss bad memories into "cold storage." The company makes it easy as pie: You call them with a few details and they have somebody at your door picking up the objects you no longer want to see.

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Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup doesn't tackle the physical parts of a split like ExBox, but it does address the more important ones like mental health. This app was co-founded by a marriage and family therapist, and it specifically targets the emotional process involved when you're trying to get over someone. The free app will give you a 30-day program that will prompt you to do daily activities and will provide advice along the way. It also encourages to not only follow through with your breakup in IRL, but to sever all ties digitally. Yes, that means unfollows on Instagram and no spying on their Snap.

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Mend is similar to Rx Breakup, but it goes beyond the 30-day period after a split. It covers meditation and exercise for a 28 days, and after this initial period ends, it can continue to be your partner through more self-care activities. These training bits can include questions for journaling, audio lessons with guidance and more. The great thing about Mend is that it also involves its community of users by giving you access to advice posted by other people going through the same thing.


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