This Is the Protein Drink Every Vegan Needs to Try

My least favorite thing about working out, other than doing it, is guzzling down a protein shake afterwards.

From a fairly young age, it was something I was taught to do. After any sort of vigorous activity, you're supposed to suck down a protein drink to benefit your muscles.

I was never big on doing this, but I did it anyway. Then when I went vegan, my protein shake options became pretty limited. I wasn't too fond of any of them (and that's saying a lot, considering no protein drink is entirely delicious), so I stopped drinking them post-workouts.

As I've been working out more (because, you know, new year, new me), many of my class instructors have been recommending drinking protein shakes after exercising (shocker).

Recently, I stumbled upon Après protein drinks and was intrigued by all the plant-based beverage had to offer.
Not only is it vegan, but it's free of GMO, gluten and soy. One bottle is between 180 to 190 calories and is packed with 13 grams of organic plant protein. But what really sold me was their flavor options. Featuring Mint Cacao, Sea Salt Chocolate and Chai Spiced Vanilla, this is a far cry from the average protein shake taste.

I quickly reached out to the brand to see if they'd send over some samples. After hearing about my disdain for the regular vegan protein drink, they happily obliged.

They came at the perfect time, considering I received them the morning before I had a Pilates class scheduled later in the evening. After the class kicked my butt, I chugged down the Mint Cacao flavor. It was so good, though a little bit saltier than I was expecting. Unlike normal protein drinks, I didn't have to force myself to finish this one.

A few days later, I attended another Pilates class and finished my workout with the Sea Salt Chocolate. This one was by far my favorite. It was creamy and rich, but not too sweet. The second I took a sip, it was suddenly gone from the bottle.

What I love most about these protein drinks is how they made me feel post-workout. Normally, my edorphin-fueled high comes crashing down pretty quickly. But I noticed it lasted longer when I had more plant protein in my system. And my muscles weren't as sore the next morning.

These protein drinks from Après have my stamp of approval. To any exercise-loving vegan out there who isn't satisfied with the other protein shakes on the market, these ones right here are your best bet.

If you're ready to test them out, you can purchase a pack of six or 24 drinks HERE.


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