Here's What Après Plant-Based Protein Drinks Really Taste Like

Last year, Sweety High's resident vegan Ashley reviewed the plant-based protein drink Après.

Having just enrolled in a Pilates class, she found it was the perfect opportunity to put their protein-restoring abilities to the test. She found them super effective, but she didn't go too into depth about how they tasted.

Recently, the company updated their list of flavors, swapping out their Chai Spiced Vanilla for a plain Vanilla and adding in a brand new Cold Brew Coffee variety, and reached out to us for a followup.

While I'm not vegan, I do like to go with plant-based options whenever I can, so I was happy to check them out. This time around, I decided to focus on the flavors, and here's how they really taste.

Sea Salt Chocolate

In the past, most of the chocolate-flavored protein drinks I've tried have tasted like ultra-sweet chocolate milk with a weird aftertaste, so that's what I expected when I popped the cap of this flavor. I was pleasantly surprised when the first splash hit my tongue.

Unlike the protein drinks I'd had before, this one was chocolatey but not overly sweet or bitter. It was creamy, and also had a hint of saltiness, enhancing both the sweetness and the rich flavor of the chocolate. Because the sweetness was subtle, I didn't feel like it would give me a sugar rush or leave me feeling groggy and grossed out.

Best of all, it had zero icky aftertaste whatsoever, and was super easy to drink down. I've heard that other vegan protein drinks can taste pretty funky and leave a bad taste in your mouth for hours afterward, so I was pleased that this wasn't one of those drinks.


Mint Cacao

I love anything that combines chocolate and peppermint, so after drinking the Sea Salt Chocolate flavor, I was really excited to try the Mint Cacao. This one tasted even less sweet, but that was a food thing. Like I expected, the mint and chocolate were a winning combination, and the tasty combo was evocative of the holiday season.

This time around, I did find that the mint taste lingered in my mouth a bit even when I wasn't sipping the drink, but it wasn't an offensive aftertaste at all. Again, it was really tasty, and I'd be happy to drink it even when I didn't need any kind of protein boost.


Cold Brew Coffee

I had to be a little careful with this flavor, because I can be pretty sensitive to caffeine. Après' Cold Brew Coffee flavor contains as much caffeine as a typical cup of coffee, so I saved it for a time when I really needed a boost and a little extra jitteriness wouldn't impact my life too much.

I loved the taste, which reminded me of a not-too-strong cup of coffee with a splash of cream and just the slightest sweetening. If you dislike coffee, you probably won't enjoy this flavor too much, but if you're a diehard Starbucks fan who partakes in morning workouts, you might find your new favorite beverage.



I was a little apprehensive about trying the Vanilla Après because I've had really bad experiences with vanilla-flavored protein drinks in the past. Often, they've been sickly sweet and left a nasty flavor in my mouth that required some intense brushing to get rid of. That said, I was thrilled when I drank this.

The drink reminded me of a lightly vanilla-flavored almond milk. It was creamy and lightly sweetened, making it super drinkable, and didn't have any aftertaste. While I don't think this subtle flavor will be for anyone, I do think it's a good option for those who don't want anything fancy in their energy drinks.


If you want to try out Après for yourself, check out their website HERE.


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