Why Taylor Swift Is In Hiding This April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day tends to stir up some mixed feelings. Are you a master of pranks, or do you fall victim to them? Or maybe you go into hiding for all of April 1? Check out some of our celebrity pranks (and reactions to pranks) below and let us know who you relate to best.

1. Ellen DeGeneres gave Taylor Swift the scare of her life on Halloween 2009…

2. And Taylor is still traumatized

taylor swift trust no one

3. Bethany Mota has decided to run away from today's lies

bethany mota can't handle april fools

4. Ansel Elgort pranked Insurgent costar Miles Teller

5. Kendall Schmidt might develop some prank-related health problems

kendall schmidt april fools heart palpitations

6. Demi Lovato announced a new "Devonne By Buddy" skincare for dogs line and the commercial is the cutest thing ever

7. Debby Ryan goes under self-imposed house arrest for all of April 1

debby ryan april fools legitimately terrified

8. Ross Lynch threatened to shave off his lovely golden locks!

ross lynch threatens to shave his lovely golden locks

9. Megan Nicole prank calls Cimorelli

10. And Zendaya has had enough of April Fool's Day!

zendaya dont be april foolin nothing

Let us know if you pulled any pranks (or had any pulled on you!) in the comments below, and be sure to join our community at SweetyHigh.com.