Prank Your Friends and Fam on April Fool's Day With THESE Easy Tricks

Pranksters, your fave holiday of the year is right around the corner—April Fool's Day!

If you want to trick your friends and fam in a unique and hilarious way, we've got 7 of the best pranks just for you.

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Scroll below and begin preparing—your victims will never suspect a thing! ????

1. Donut Surprise

Any donut-lovers in your life? Good, we've got just the trick for them.

Buy a box of plain glazed donuts, grab a large ziplock baggie and prep it by filling it with mayonnaise (gross, we know ????). Once the bag is filled, cut a hole in one side of the bag to create a piping tool. Next, cut four slits in each donut and proceed to fill each donut with mayonnaise. All that's left to do is serve up this sneaky treat to whomever you please.

The unfortunate souls who take a bite of these bad boys will think they're biting into cream-filled donuts, but boy will they be surprised when they get a mouthful of mayo.

**Obviously be mindful of your victim's allergies. If you think mayo may be an issue for them, do not proceed!

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2. Minty Fresh Oreos

If you're looking for the easiest, but most effective prank ever, listen up.

Grab a box of classic Oreos, twist apart each cookie and scrape out the cream filling—feel free to save that goodness for yourself!

Snag a tube of toothpaste and a knife and spread the paste on each cookie. Reassemble the cookie and give them to your friends. Just wait until you see their reactions when they bite into these things. Priceless.


3. Plastic Wrap Trickery

Again, easiest prank ever, and especially easy to pull on family members.

Head into the bathroom and grab your mom, dad, brother or sister's shampoo and conditioner bottle

Open up the bottles and then take two small square pieces of plastic wrap and cover up the lids of both bottles. Put the caps back on, and voila! Your fam will have no idea why their nearly full bottles of hair products are being so difficult. ????


4. Contact Shuffle

For this prank, you need to be especially close to the individual you're trying to trick. Why? Because you'll have to get a hold of their cell phone!

Once you sneakily steal their phone away from them for a moment, change your contact name in their address book so that it's the name of their crush.

You can text them all day pretending to be that dreamy boy or girl they've been crushing on all year in science class. Can you say genius?

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5. Not Your Typical Orange Juice

Want to really gross-out your bro or sister?

Grab a pitcher from the kitchen that you would normally use to make concentrated orange juice.

Grab a box of classic macaroni and cheese, but only take the cheese packet.

Stir the cheese packet in with some water and mix that baby up! It looks so much like orange juice you won't believe your eyes. Your sibling will be majorly disappointed when they get their first taste of morning "OJ."


6. TV Remote Trickery

Do you have a friend or fam member who always steals the remote? Now it's payback time.

Take a little bit of clear duct tape and cover the TV remote sensor. They will have no idea why they can't turn the TV on, let alone change the channels or turn the volume up and down. Frustration will definitely ensue. ????

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7. Alarm Clock Madness

Want to mess with your fam in the middle of the night? This trick is perfect.

Simply hide one (or a few, if you're feeling extra mischievous) alarm clocks throughout your prank victim's bedroom and set them for the middle of the night—2 a.m. is a good option!

You might want to set an alarm for yourself so you can peer outside their door and watch them scramble in the middle of the night to find them all and shut them off. Mean, but wonderful.


If you do pull off one of these epic pranks, you'll definitely want to snap the moment! Need a camera that will capture the memory perfectly? We suggest THIS awesome Polaroid Snap Touch!