April Kry Lights Up the Sky Like "Fireflies": 20 Questions with April!

If you aren't already playing April Kry's "Fireflies" on repeat, you need to start right now! We love it so much we chatted with April to learn everything we could about the track, plus the super weird thing in April's purse and how she developed the skills to take the PERFECT selfie.

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1. What was the inspiration behind "Fireflies"? 

"Fireflies" takes you back to the very first time you fell in love. Long days, late nights, sneaking out, making memories… Everything you could remember about being young and in love! 

2. Who's your biggest musical inspiration?

My dad was the most influential person to me musically. He taught me my first chords on the guitar and growing up I watched him perform on stage all the time, so that really ignited a spark in me to pursue music.

3. What made you decide to cover Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing"? What was going through your mind when you heard Martina was listening? 

"A Broken Wing" is just one of those songs that touches your heart and soul when you hear it. When Storme Warren told me he was texting Martina to listen I was FREAKING OUT (in a good way). I think I do well under pressure, so the fact that I knew she was listening made me really give it my all.

4. What movie always makes you cry? 

TITANIC. It never fails. NEVER LET GO, JACK.

5. Time traveling to the future or past?

The past. It would be such a buzzkill to see how everything pans out in the future! I like to be surprised. 

6. What nail art are you currently rocking? 

april kry fresh mani interview fireflies

7. What's the weirdest thing in your purse right now? 

My dog's rabies shot tag. I think I took her to go get groomed and they needed to see her recent rabies shot info, so I stuffed it in my purse and have yet to take it out. Oops.

8. Cats or dogs? 


9. Do you have any weird phobias or fears? 

Pretty much all bugs….being out in nature for prolonged periods of time. I'm a baby.

10. Hashtags or emojis? 

Emojis! ????

11. Which emoji do you use the most? 

Probably the laughing so hard you're crying emoji! ?

12. Which emoji do you wish existed? 

A firefly 😉

13. Describe the quintessential April selfie! 

april kry fireflies quintessential selfie

Ok… so you always have to tilt your head, and I like to put my arm up to my head for a lot of them. I learned all of my selfie skills from my photographer best friend 😉 

14. What's your go-to Instagram filter? 

Usually GINGHAM, but I always mess with the settings and add shadows and colors as well 😉 

15. Hunger Games or Divergent? 

Hunger Games. Team Gale. ✌️

16. Which fictional character's style would you love to steal? 

Rachel from Friends. '90s baby for life. 

17. What's one word you totally overuse? 

Ok, it's not a word it's a phrase… "CAN YOU NOT?!" Hahahaha 

18. What shoes are you wearing right now?

april kry converse shoes interviews

19. What's your weirdest habit? 

I wouldn't say it's super weird, but when I have a phone conversation with someone I have to walk around my entire house. I can't sit still. 

20. Which internet meme best describes your life?

april kry chloe meme


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