9 Dreamy Gifts That Make Perfect Aquarius Birthday Presents

The season of Aquarius birthdays is approaching.

If you have friends and family members who celebrate their big days between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, it's time to start searching for the perfect giftOr, you can just nab them one of these presents perfect for any Aquarian and call it a day.

Cat Tarot Deck: $22.95

Aquarians are curious and open-minded, and they love to learn more about themselves and their potential futures through the use of horoscopes and other mystical methods. Help them tap into their connection with the spiritual realm with this deck of gorgeously drawn tarot cards. These ones happen to feature cats illustrated as famous historical and fictional figures.

Cat Tarot Cards

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Dream Journal: $8.99

Aquarians can be dreamy, living in their fantasies instead of the real world. Help them understand their actual dreams to help them live better lives in the waking realm with a dream journal. This one gives them a place to jot down their dreams in the morning while also offering helpful explanations of what those dreams really mean.

Dream Journal book cover

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Buddha Board: $34.95

Creative Aquarians don't always have time to sit down and make something, but Buddha Board allows for creation without any commitment. By dipping the brush into water, you can "paint" whatever you like on the paper-like surface before it evaporates and disappears. It's perfectly therapeutic for overthinkers who just want to get their feelings out.

Buddha board with cute water painting

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Buqu Popsicle Power Bank: $19.99

Aquarians are one of the most tech-savvy of the zodiac signs, so it follows that they also tend to be glued to their phones. They can also be somewhat absent-minded, forgetting to charge their phones before they pick up and go on their latest spur-of-the-moment excursion. Get them a cute accessory that doubles as a power bank for their phones so they'll be prepared for anything.

Buqu popsicle power bank and phone charger

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Tile Slim: $30

Aquarians can be a little unreliable when it comes to remembering things, and they're prone to losing their phones, wallets and keys on the regular. With this thin tracking device, they can use their phones to locate their lost bags, and vice versa, with the press of a button.

Tile Slim being inserted into wallet

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Mermaid Siren Bath Bomb: $9.68

Water-bearing Aquarians are known for their ability to go with the flow, but they should also stop once in a while to take everything in and luxuriate. These bath bombs dissolve into a beautiful wave of green and blue to make bathtime beautiful.

Blue-green bath bombs

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Travel Thermos: $16.99

Like we've mentioned before, Aquarians are more likely than any other sign to drop everything at the drop of a hat to pursue a new, more enticing endeavors. Just because that happens doesn't mean they won't still need a mug of steaming hot coffee. Make that transition a little easier with the help of a cute travel thermos.

Travel thermoses in blue, white, red and pink

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One Line a Day Memory Book: $16.95

Help the distracted Aquarian in your life take stock of their experiences. This special journal will allow them to write one line every day, documenting the highs, the lows and the special moments they'd never want to forget. In five years, they'll have a special book full of memories they might have totally overlooked otherwise.

One Line a Day Memory Book

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Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Bracelet: $15.50

We happen to think that blue lace agate is the perfect healing crystal for Aquarius. Mystically minded Aquarians will appreciate that you understand their interest in purifying their minds and souls, and the stones may even help make Aquarians become better communicators.

Blue lace agat bracelet

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