These Signs Are the Most (and Least) Compatible With Aquarius

If you've got your sights set on an independent and free-thinking Aquarius, you might be wondering whether it was meant to be.

And while the best way to find out your compatibility with someone will always be spending time with them and getting to know who they are on the inside, we'll never fault you for reference to astrology as a kind of cheat sheet. So, if you're crushing hard on a typical Aquarius, keep scrolling to find out which zodiac signs are the most (and least) compatible with them.

Most Compatible


Aquarius is a breezy air sign, while Aries is a fire sign, and under the right circumstances, Aquarius can be the oxygen that fuels Aries' flame. Both signs are action-oriented and independent, which makes them great matches for each other in terms of admiration and respect. The fact that they also approach situations differently also makes them great planning partners, with Aries able to think on the fly, and Aquarius knowing how to weigh every option to solve problems. Together, these two can conquer pretty much anything as long as they can get on the same page, and if they can each balance their alone time to rest and recharge apart from each other.

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Both Aquarius and Gemini are air signs, which means that their relationships are free-flowing, communicative and based on the strong foundation of friendship. There's also a powerful balance in this partnership, with Aquarius leaning on the more intellectual and philosophical side, and Gemini bringing all of the fun. These two never stop gabbing, and that's a good thing because it means they're always sharing new information with the other, which results in both partners constantly broadening their minds. In most cases, Aquarius's unpredictability can be a negative, but since Gemini can get easily bored in relationships, that's actually a benefit here. These two will keep each other on their toes, and keep the adventure going at every turn.



An Aquarius and Libra pairing is another air-and-air match based on built connections and shared experiences. Both signs are born to communicate and share unique ideas, without getting hung up on the details, and the innovation that will spring forth from this pairing is unmatched. While Libra is known for being a wishy-washy and indecisive sign, those traits can actually make them more comparable with free-spirited Aquarius, who thrives when they're paired with someone who can go with the flow. Though Libra can be a little clingy, which conflicts with Aquarius's independent streak, Libra's charm and warmth are likely to win them over and get them to settle down once and for all.

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Least Compatible


People often mistake Aquarius, represented by the water-bearer, as a water sign, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we find that this air sign is least compatible with the three water signs, including Cancer. Aquarians tend to be bold and extroverted, which can make introverted Cancers retreat even further into their shells. Cancer also thrives on stability and predictability in their daily lives, while Aquarius loves to do the unexpected, and can be fickle. While both signs are known for being intelligent and cerebral, they don't typically share much beyond their quest for knowledge.



At first glance, you might think that water sign Scorpio and air sign Aquarius would have more in common. They're both quite intellectual and love exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries. However, that's where the similarities tend to end. Scorpio's approach tends to be intense and intuitive, while Aquarius broadens their horizons in a more practical, fast-paced way. Even when they share identical interests, they can struggle to discuss them in a way that makes sense to both parties. It can be like their approaches are so different that they don't even speak the same language.

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We're not too surprised to see yet another water sign on Aquarius's list of least compatible signs. In this case, the two will struggle because Aquarius is purely rational, while Pisces is purely emotional. Their perspectives can differ too much for the two to find common ground on much of anything. Pisces is also a romantic sign that can be needy and demanding for freedom-seeking Aquarius, with Pisces ending up in a one-sided relationship, where they put in all of the work while Aquarius takes advantage of their generosity. Only through hard work and learning to go against their natures' limitations will these two manage to compromise and meet in the middle.


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