The 6 Aquarius Personality Types You'll Encounter in Life

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, Aquarians have to be the hardest to pin down.

Those born between Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 under the sign of Aquarius can be tricky to describe because their individual and forward-thinking natures mean that no two water-bearers are quite alike. Even their symbol and name are misleading, with many people assuming Aquarius is a water sign, when it's actually an air sign. There are so many types of the sign out there, from trailblazers and altruists to scholars and revolutionaries, so whether you're an Aquarius yourself or just know a few, keep scrolling to learn more about the Aquarius archetypes you're bound to encounter in life.

The Innovator

There's a good reason that Aquarius is often associated with mad scientist types. Many are natural-born innovators, with unusual ideas that range from implausible and way-out-there to simply ahead of their time. They're knowledge-seekers who don't just want to learn everything but also put those new ideas into practice in order to expand the realm of possibility. More than any other sign, they're capable of achieving the impossible—even if sometimes they don't know their own limits. They're also quite quirky, giving them a unique perspective that makes them visionaries.

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The Analyst

Though Aquarius is a sign that cares deeply about other people, many also have a reputation for being a bit cold and distant, because they spend so much time internally in daydreams that they seem like they've forgotten to participate in the real world. They're always tearing things apart, whether they're concepts, arguments or real-life, tangible objects, and analyzing how the world works, and it's not uncommon to start talking to one before realizing they haven't heard a word you've said because they're working through something in their head. The key to them is solid communication because they're really quite empathetic and kind, and the last thing they want to be is neglectful.


The Humanitarian

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, Aquarians have the biggest reputation for being philanthropists who care deeply for humankind. However, as much as some are defenders of humanity as a whole, that doesn't necessarily apply to individuals. They're big-picture people who want to make sweeping changes for all, focusing on the larger community and caring a lot less about the plight of specific people. Still, they realize they can make the greatest contribution to society as part of a team, making these Aquarians some of the best collaborators around.

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The Loner

While most Aquarians are recognized for being individualistic, some can border on being loners, but that tends to suit them just fine. They're fully dedicated to their passions and their work, and often keep to themselves, making sure to put their own needs first in order to make their dreams a reality. Of course, chances are that you won't have any idea what those dreams actually are, since they tend to play things close to the chest, letting others in on the big secret only once it's actually come to fruition.


The Activist

While humanitarian-type Aquarians are about helping the people, activist water bearers are all about strong convictions that bring them to not just seek but carry out change. They can be incredibly stubborn, and once they've set out to make a difference, there's nothing you'll be able to say to get them to back down. They're seekers of equality and justice, and once they get a taste of being able to make a difference, that can become their biggest motivator of all.

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The Rebel

When you combine the signature sense of Aquarius individuality with a hint of radicalism, you get the classic rebel. Freedom comes first for them, but they work just as hard as they play, and can make great leaders as they love getting involved with communities and rallying them around the ideas that matter. They have a big problem with authority and aren't afraid to bend or even break the rules if it's what's right—or just most fun. Watch out, because these Aquarians just might start a revolution.


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