The DOs and DON'Ts of Being a Successful Aquarius

With Aquarius' intelligence, altruism and open-mindedness, they have everything it takes to take over the world.

But that doesn't mean that every Aquarius is going to. While they have many traits that breed success, they have others that can completely get in their way—and the better they understand their weaknesses, the more they'll be able to accomplish.

If you're curious about what traits make an Aquarius successful, keep reading to find out.

DO Keep an Open Mind

Aquarius is known for being the most open-minded sign of the zodiac. You've always had a slightly different perspective from others, and you prefer to think for yourself. You've never exactly felt the need to blend in with everyone else, and that's the way you like it. You're truly unique, which is why you understand so well that everyone has strange little idiosyncrasies that make them different. That's why they're so willing to hear people out and take in other points of view, using all of the information at their disposal before forming your own opinion. You don't judge situations before you have all the details, and that makes you an invaluable part of any team. But since you can also be stubborn once you've made up your mind, it's particularly important to lean into that sense of openness when you butt heads with others.


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DON'T Bottle Up Your Feelings

Though Aquarius can be outgoing in most aspects of their lives, they often keep their strongest emotions to themselves. People may view you as unemotional, but that's only because you refuse to show that side of yourself to others. You like to appear cool and collected at all times, so when your emotions begin to get the better of you, you tend to isolate yourself. You usually want to work through things on your own time and in your own way, and it often bothers you when you feel that others are butting into your life. However, you may be surprised to find how much it helps if you can confide in someone you trust. Never letting your feelings out can lead to a destructive cycle, so open up once in a while when you're struggling with something.


DO Champion the Causes That Matter to You

Aquarius is the sign of altruism. You were born to help people and make the world a better place, and you've always had a strong sense of morality and a drive for justice. When people need a helping hand, you're the very first to lend one. Because you're a free-thinker, you're not confined by the bounds of society and how things are done now, and you can easily envision a future in which things are better. You want to change the world, and you have the belief that you can do it, so never let that passion get away from you because of slow progress. Keep going after what matters to you, because you will make a difference.


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DON'T Act Without Thinking

Aquarius' strong independent streak can sometimes lead to extreme spontaneity, and you don't always consider something for very long before you take action, as you don't care much about what the consequences might be. You solve problems quickly and effortlessly, so you act fast, sometimes without weighing the possible outcomes thoroughly. After all, considering the options is extra effort, and impedes your freedom. More than once, that's gotten you into trouble as you've leaped into a project without realizing what you were getting into, or made an ill-advised decision. It may be a pain initially, but by being more cautious, you'll avoid the extra trouble in the end.


DO Let Your Boredom Inspire You

Aquarius may be the most easily bored of the zodiac signs, but if we've learned anything recently, it's that a little boredom can actually be a very powerful thing. When you're not mentally stimulated, you'll do absolutely anything to change that, but rather than turn to Instagram like most other people, you often have the urge to do something that'll actually better you as a person. That boredom leads you to seek new experiences, learn new things and take the risks required to get you what you really want out of life. Let that yearning guide you through life.


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DON'T Change Who You Are for Anyone

We've already mentioned that Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drum and always thinks for themself, and as others are peer-pressured into fitting in, those traits are critical to the Aquarius identity. You're unique, and eccentric, and you don't care at all that people don't understand you or think you should do things differently. Don't compromise who you are, or what matters to you, for anyone, and don't let anyone trample on your beliefs and convictions.


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