5 Useful AR Beauty Apps You Need to Download

With technology, pretty much anything is possible.

Seriously—have you been on Instagram lately? There are filters that make you look super old, super young, flawless-faced and more. It honestly gets pretty overwhelming dealing with all the crazy and incredible opportunities we have at our disposal.


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If you're anything like us and live for beauty, whether it be a face mask, cute lipstick or a brilliant highlighter, you'll enjoy this article. We scoured the internet and App store for all the best beauty apps on the market. Quickly, we learned that the top ones all had some sort of augmented reality, or AR, aspect. Continue below for five useful AR beauty apps you need to download:

1. Sephora Virtual Artist

With about 60,000 ratings, it's one of the most dowloaded beauty apps on the market. Sephora, aka the mother of all things beauty, is a place not only to shop for makeup, skincare, haircare and so on, but you can also virtually try on makeup. We know—it sounds insane, but it actually works. All you have to do is upload a picture of your face and you're all set. You can choose anything from lip, to cheek, to eye products and more. If you're in a time crunch and can't make it to the store, this is the perfect alternative to fulfilling your beauty needs.

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2. Wanna Nails

Why is it that every time we go into the salon to get our nails done, it takes us ages to pick out a shade? And sometimes, we don't even end up liking the color we selected! With Wanna Nails, however, you can remain worry-free. The app allows you to virtually try on any shade, while also keeping your skin tone, look and overall mood in mind. It's a blessing and a curse—you'll find arguably too many color options and won't know what to choose because they'll all look great.

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3. L'Oreal Style My Hair

Listen up—this app is seriously cool. Instead of simply uploading a photo to try on different hair colors, you get a 3D experience. Simply open up the camera for a live view as to what your hair could potentially look like… while moving! If you've ever been tempted to do something drastic with your hair, like dyeing it a crazy color, you need to download L'Oreal's Style My Hair app. It's a total game-changer and will make your decision much easier.

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4. Mary Kay MirrorMe

If you want a super high-tech and advanced way to virtually try on makeup, Mary Kay's MirrorMe will be your new best friend. Rather than upload an awkward photo you just took of yourself on the couch, you're able to "apply" makeup live and in video. Using the front-facing camera, all you have to do is decide which colors and shades you like the most. If any catch your eye and you want to purchase the products for yourself, it's easy as one, two, three.

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5. ShadeScout

Have you ever seen a color so beautiful, that you wished you could bottle it up and save it forever? With ShadeScout, you can basically do just that. Say you're going to prom and want to match your eyeshadow or lipstick to your dress—all you have to do is upload a pic of your dress and you'll be able to match the shade perfectly. So, the next time you see a color you like (fireworks, a flower, anything), just snap a photo, upload it and you'll be provided with the perfect products in the same shade. We plan on using this app on the reg. 

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Now that you know where to get the products, use one of THESE Instagram captions to show off your new makeup look.