Ari Fletcher Told Us All About Her Makeup Brand Remedy By Ari

Calling all makeup lovers!

If you can't get enough of makeup, you need to know about Ari Fletcher. We absolutely love speaking with entrepreneurial women in the beauty space, which is why we're excited to share this interview with her! Keep scrolling to find out all about her makeup brand Remedy By Ari, her journey with makeup and more.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Ari Fletcher: I'm Ari, Ari The Don @TheRealKyleSister! I'm super fun, loving, real, raw and uncut, but I'm always about my business and family.

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SH: Is there any specific moment in your life that made you obsessed with beauty?

AF: I've always loved makeup. When I look back at all my old pics, I always had my brows done and some type of makeup, but I think my real obsession with makeup and the connection to it was after my son was born. Struggling with postpartum I didn't feel like myself, but makeup became my remedy, along with some other things and brought me back to life.


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SH: What's your favorite makeup look you've ever done? Do you have a picture?

AF: Right now, I'm a natural glam girl. Nothing too much or too heavy– I'm really into natural looks and I'm in love with my makeup look from my Remedy by Ari launch campaign.


SH: Tell us about Remedy By Ari! What prompted you to create it?

AF: Remedy By Ari is my baby. I created it because my obsession with makeup kept growing and I love the way a fresh beat just elevates my whole mood and makes me feel so pretty. I believe in the power of beauty and self-care, and Remedy by Ari's goal is to make beauty lovers feel good, build confidence and simply enjoy a few minutes to themselves. My mission was always to develop quality products that empower and inspire all ethnicities to feel beautiful. Remedy by Ari is definitely my personal remedy to beat bad days and promote self-confidence.

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SH: Who is Remedy By Ari for?

AF: Remedy by Ari is for all the ladies looking to make themselves feel and look good.


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SH: What products are you currently offering?

AF: Right now we offer lip glosses, lip liners, a lip mask, scrub and an eye shadow palette. I'm adding more. My team and I are really perfecting our internal systems with shipping, customer service and keeping products in stock. The love and support have definitely been unmatched and exceeded our expectations, and it's all been a great learning experience.


SH: If you had to choose one product from your line, what would it be and why?

AF: Right now, my favorite product from Remedy by Ari is our Pink Matter Cream Gloss ($18). I'm obsessed with the color and the formula—it's so creamy, but not too thick. It's just right.


SH: Do you plan on adding more products to your line? Can you give us some hints if so?

AF: I most definitely plan on adding more products. I honestly was supposed to do a big holiday drop, but production was delayed and I was unable to, but in Q1 I'm releasing more gloss colors, adding lipsticks, eyelashes, lip oil and liquid eyeliner. And our Valentine's Day drop was released on Feb. 2!

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

AF: I just want people to know that I am human. I am working every day to become a better woman, a better mother and a better entrepreneur.


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