Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Dove Cameron's December Pets!

December was a month for giving as well as receiving, and last month some of our favorite stars were the recipients of absolutely precious pets. Welcome the newest additions to Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Dove Cameron's families with us for the new year! ariana grande cinnamon collage

Ariana Grande is a known dog lover and the proud owner of dogs Coco the dachshund-German shepherd mix, Ophelia the chocolate labradoodle, Toulouse the beagle-chihuahua mi and Fawkes the Shiba Inu.

On December 4, she welcomed another beautiful pup, a pitbull named Cinnamon, to her animal brood! She adopted the 5 month old from a shelter and is giving the little girl a good home with four doggy brothers and sisters!

"She will be safe, spoiled and loved unconditionally!!!!!!" Ariana shared on Instagram. "absolutely shatters my heart how somebody could toss an innocent creature aside like that. nothing hurts my heart more. we love you so so much Cinnamon"demi lovato buddy dog collage

Demi Lovato shared a photo of her new puppy pal, aptly named Buddy, on Instagram on December 18!

"Guys……. SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Demi said with the first photo of the fluffy white pup.

Buddy is so tiny and adorable he barely seems real! If they made a stuffed animal version, we buy them by the dozen!dove cameron christmas cat

Last but not least, Dove Cameron got a precious black kitten for the Christmas season this year! 

Around noon on December 30, she shared on Twitter that she was picking out a new pet kitten! A few hours later, she shared the first photo of her pretty kitty on Instagram! Though we don't yet know the name of Dove's new cat, we bet she'll announce it very soon!

Which celeb pet do you think is cutest? Share your thoughts in the comments below and upload your own lovable pet photos at Sweety High!