Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett Give the Deets on Season 3 of 'Victorious'

Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett were just two of the "Victorious" stars who attended the exclusive album signing in Cali to promote their brand new soundtrack.

The two stars revealed their favorite songs on the album.

"We've been doin' this for a long time. I think the one I like the most is 'All I Want Is Everything,'" shared Matt.

Ariana on the other hand had a different favorite song to share. "I love the Jackson 5 cover that we do all together 'cause I love the Jackson 5 and it was really fun to do something all together."

Both those songs are amazing and we can't stop listening to them!

The two also took some time to talk about their favorite moments from the last season. "I think that my favorite part of season two is we do this episode where we're in handy one-sies pajamas (footie pajamas) and they were just really funny looking," explained Ariana.

Ariana also revealed her excitement for the third season of "Victorious." "I'm so excited for season three. I think that season three is gonna be the best season." Matt chimed in saying, "We don't break the fourth wall yet. But I feel like there's room to do it. I think we're gonna get really post-modern. Really strange."

Sounds like the next season is going to be hilarious!