10 Gifts From Etsy That Ariana Grande Fans Will Love

If you're shopping for a gift for someone who is obsessed with Ariana Grande, you obviously need to get them a gift inspired by her!

Ariana Grande is a total queen in our eyes and we love pretty much everything she puts out into the world, whether it's music or makeup from her beauty brand, r.e.m. beauty. Need some help finding the perfect gift? Here are 10 gift ideas from Etsy for people who love Ariana Grande.

FlaminHotStudio Ariana Grande NASA Tee: $23.31+

If your bestie is in need of a sleep shirt, this is the perfect one. Not only can they wear this baby to bed, but they can also style it up with some jean shorts and wear it out and about! Trust us when we say they will get tons of use out of this tee.

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HouseofMouseInc Ariana Grande Venti Starbucks Cup: $39.99

Got a friend who is obsessed with coffee and Ariana Grande? Then you absolutely need to get them this venti Starbucks cup with Ariana Grande on it. Featuring green hues and butterflies, this acrylic tumbler will make their iced coffees and matchas look so cute.

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LOVEFIRSTCANDLECO This Smells Like Ariana Grande Candle: $12.99+

If there's one thing most people adore, it's candles, and we think the Ariana Grande fan in your life will fall head over heels in love with this one. The hot pink label says "This smells like Ariana Grande" and is giving off all of the girly vibes.

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RecyclingTime Thank You Next Clock: $32.99

If you're looking for something super unique and affordable, we couldn't recommend this clock enough. The larger part of the clock is actually made from an old vinyl record, while the pink part is the CD from Ariana Grande's "thank u, next."

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ImIvyMade Ariana Grande Shoe Charms: 3+

Is your friend a lover of Crocs? If so, we think they would love to get these shoe charms as a gift. Featuring Ariana Grande in all of her glory alongside some quotes, lyrics and other charms, all they need to do is pop these into their fave shoes.

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WhipAromasShop Ariana Grande Car Air Freshener: $9

Want to put a smile on your friend's face? Get them this car air freshener! Ariana is portrayed in her signature ponytail and it's cute enough to leave up for as long as they want.

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customcoutureco Ariana Grande Tote Bag: $13

Everyone can use more tote bags. Whether they're grocery shopping, heading to a sleepover or hitting up the library, they will love this tote with the lyrics "I see it, I like it, I want it, I buy it." The lettering is also holographic—making it even cooler.

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CLUB2000 Saint Ariana Grande Candle: $12

If your bestie lives and breathes for Ariana Grande, we think they would get a kick out of this saint candle. Ariana looks like a goddess, per usual, and this non-scented novelty candle will look amazing in your friend's room on their dresser, vanity and even bedside table.

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TheUkiyoEdit Ariana Grande Birthday Card: $4.21+

If you just want to get something small and not spend tons of money, this birthday card is just what you need. The card reads, "Have a Grande birthday," and we just think it's so adorable! Even if you just get them the card, it will show you care and that's all that matters.

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ServinCreationss Ariana Grande Phone Case: $15

Last but not least on our list of Ariana Grande-inspired gifts is this sleek phone case. Featuring beautiful butterflies, Ariana and a glimpse of her butterfly tattoo, we think this gift is one your friend will love opening up.

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