Ariana, J.Law and Pink Just Proved Celebs Are Just Like Us!

Awkward crushes! Boogers! Clumsy falls!

Even the strongest, seemingly flawless women in Hollywood have their share of embarrassing moments. And this week in particular was no different, as some of the biggest A-listers in the business were put to the test – but being the rad girls they are, they bounced back without a hitch.

Pink, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence each took some blush-worthy moments like a champ this week, proving they are the ultimate #professionalgoals. See what we mean below:



On Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, the singer got a surprise visit from her all time fave, Johnny Depp. After admitting she dodged him previously and was too nervous to talk to him, she completely blushed when he walked onto set.

The recovery: She hugged it out with the Alice Through the Looking Glass star, laughed about the incident and totally admitted her own embarrassment. Watch her epic handling of the situation below.


Jennifer Lawrence

Our girl J.Law was in the middle of a game of "True Confessions" on The Tonight Show this past Monday when a booger escaped her nose.

The recovery: Like the amazing woman she is, she totally owned the awkward sitch, saying, "Is it a booger? I felt it," and laughing it off. Let's be real – J.Law recovers from basically everything with ease, but this incident really proved she can legit handle anything. Watch the clip below around the 5:00 mark.


Ariana Grande

While making her way down the pink carpet at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, the "Dangerous Woman" singer almost took a tumble at an E! News interview stop.

The recovery: She quickly and smoothly righted herself using the shoulder of the interviewer. Nicely done Ari. When things get tough, she knows there's always a shoulder to lean on (literally!) to help her up. Catch the incident below:


Ariana wasn't the only one to watch at the Billboard Music Awards. See what we had to say about another one of our faves, Troye Sivan, HERE.