Ariana Grande Hosts LINE Q&A!

Weeks ago, Ariana Grande hosted an early premiere of her My Everything album exclusively on the LINE app! She recently returned to the app for a LINE exclusive Ariana Grande fan question and answer session!ariana grande line app q and a

On Friday, August 29, more than 100,000 Arianators took part in the Q&A on LINE to send in their fan questions for a chance to get them answered by Ariana!

Ariana has more than half a million friends on LINE! During the Q&A,

Ariana answered a number of questions from her fans, revealing that her three biggest musical inspirations and idols are Imogen Heap, Madonna and Whitney Houston, that she'd love to remake "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and how amazing it was to receive her first-ever VMA!

She also explained some other interesting facts about herself, divulging that her favorite cartoon character is Betty Boop and that her most embarrassing moment involved a shoe flying off during a performance!

"I used to get nervous when I was on stage, but now I think its really fun and I LOVE performing," she said in response to one fan question.

She also dished on some musical secrets. Ariana'"Break Free" music video was inspired by Barbarella and Star Wars. She also said that if she was stuck on a desert island, she'd bring her four dogs, books and plenty of drinking water!

The LINE app is based out of Japan. It launched in June of 2011 but has become a massive social force since then, recruiting some amazing celeb ambassadors, including Ariana!

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