Ariana Grande's Past Live Performances Prove Her Billboard Music Awards Appearance Is Going to be ????

While everyone—including Ariana Grande herself—is on the edge of their seat over the release of Dangerous Woman in just two days, we are over here casually freaking out as we daydream about her Billboard Music Awards performance on Sunday.

We're convinced she's going to deliver one jaw-dropping spectacle of (hopefully) a new song off the album. Why? Well, rather than tell you, we'll show you with these six flawless live performances from Queen Ari. And be sure to tune in to the BBMA at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on ABC.


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1. "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" at the Grammys (2015)

Just take our heart and rip it out why don't you, Ari? That performance was breathtaking and had us drowning in our own tears.


2. "One Last Time" at the NBA All-Star Game (2015)

We are so obsessed with this performance because it's just Ari and a microphone, but it's beyond powerful.


3. "Focus" at the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade (2015)

With pipes like that, how could we not "focus" on this singer? BTW, loving those Mickey Mouse ears!


4. "Break Free" on America's Got Talent (2014)

We were captivated by Ari's upbeat and electrifying showcase of the song. Guess you could say we couldn't "break free" from her stage presence. Jokes!


5. "Problem" at the Billboard Music Awards (2014)

We don't think we'll ever forget this vivacious performance from the BBMAs two years ago. We danced like maniacs throughout its entirety.


6. "Dangerous Woman" at the MTV Movie Awards (2016)

This bluesy rendition of her anthem sent chills down our spine. We're most definitely feeling the old Hollywood glam vibes happening here, too.


Our fingers are crossed that Ari will sing "Into You" at the BBMAs this weekend because it's so good. If you haven't already listened to it, you can HERE.