Meet the Girl Who Looks EXACTLY Like Ariana Grande

Meet Jacky Vasquez, aka, the girl who looks dangerously similar to pop singing sensation Ariana Grande.

This is her:


And this is actually Ariana Grande:

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You may notice a striking resemblance (even if we were to remove the oh so flattering puppy dog filter).

Ever wondered what it would be like living life as an ordinary girl but looking exactly like arguably one of the biggest celebs? Well, wonder no more. We chatted with Jacky about how she discovered Ariana was her doppelgänger, what she thinks of the popstar and how she advises anyone to rock Ari's style.

Scroll below to see what she revealed!

Sweety High: When and where were you when you first realized how closely you resemble Ariana Grande?

JV: In 2010, people in school would say I resembled Cat Valentine, who was Ariana Grande's character [on Victorious]. Even though my friends and other students would point it out, I didn't see it until a little later.


SH: Have you always been an Ariana fan? What is it that you love about her?

JV: I've always been an Ariana fan! Ever since Victorious until now. I love her vocals, her style, her personality and just everything.


SH: How do you try to emulate her?

JV: Achieving her signature ponytail is what makes me resemble Ariana the most. Also her makeup and poses—but the hairstyle is the most important factor.


SH: Have you ever met Ariana?

JV: I've never met Ariana. I've had opportunities, but she rarely comes to my area. One day I'll meet her and that's going to be a very special day.


SH: How did you learn to master some of Ari's signature poses?

JV: Ariana has two signature poses which are the duck face and a wink. I'm not sure exactly how I mastered them, maybe because Ariana masters it and people think I look just like her.

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SH: Have you ever been mistaken as Ariana while out in public? 

JV: I have been mistaken as Ariana a couple times. I remember I got mistaken in Washington D.C. because she was at the Verizon Center that day and I dressed up like her since she was in town. People asked me to take pictures with them that day, it was so fun!


SH: Do you have any tips for others who want to emulate Ariana's style?

JV: My tip to those who want to emulate her style is to work that high voluminous ponytail! That is the most important thing in addition to rocking cat eye winged eyeliner and super long eyelashes. These things are what make Ariana, Ariana.


Feeling inspired to mimic Ari's style? Us, too. If you really want to pull off her look, head over HERE and see how you can DIY some of her signature bunny ears.