Ariana Grande Wore Asymmetrical Jeans From Princess Polly—Now We Want Them

Queen of pop music, Ariana Grande, is a fashion icon.

We look to her for inspiration, and she never fails to give it. Her style is so impeccable, that we can't help but want to copy her in pretty much everything she does and wears! So, when we saw her wearing a stunning pair of asymmetrical jeans from Princess Polly, we knew we needed to get our hands on them.

If you're on fashion TikTok or follow any type of style influencers on Instagram, chances are you've seen asymmetrical jeans. We guessed it would be a trend this spring, and boy were we right.

With influencers and celebrities adapting the trend, it's sure to be one stand-out item every girl will want to add to her closet. Ariana Grande wore Princess Polly's Holly Asymmetric Straight Leg Jeans ($74). and at such a great price point, it's something many of us can afford!

We love the light-wash aspect, and since a lot of Gen Z (and even millennials) aren't wearing skinny jeans anymore, the straight-leg cut is an added bonus. The site says it's low-waisted, but to us, it looks mid-rise, if not high-rise. They also suggest sizing down due to the baggy fit of the jeans.

These bad boys are super fun to style, and there's an array of outfits to create. Whether you're into more of a spring vibe and opt for some slingback sandals and a crop, or want to stay a bit more covered up with a shacket, you truly can't go wrong.

If this specific pair isn't so much your style, below are a few other asymmetrical (and affordable!) options from Princess Polly you might like.


Sweetest Thing Cross Over Denim Jean: $67


Malika Denim Mini Skirt: $62


Robin Pants Black: $37 (originally $53!)


If you'd rather not shell out the cash to add another pair of jeans to your closet, there's a trick we're willing to share with you. If you have a pair of pants that are too big, don't throw them out or give them away—keep them to make your own, custom asymmetrical jeans!

All you need to do is get some button pins, like these ones from Amazon. Simply place the button to the right of the normal button on your jeans, and voila, you've created a masterpiece!

Our girl Ariana Grande is sure to showcase even more amazing outfit inspo in the coming months of spring, and we can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeves.


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