Proof Ariana Grande Is Actually a Unicorn????

You probably made your way here thinking you'd see a pic of Ariana Grande rocking some sort of unicorn costume. We hate to break it to you, but that's not the case.

Instead, we're sharing a few reasons below as to why Ari is as extraordinary as this mythical creature. You may not believe us just yet, but we guarantee you will after reading this post.

Her Voice Is Magical

Every time we listen to Ari's powerful vocals, we're met with a rush of emotions. Whether that be excited, fearless or calm, there's seldom a time we hear her songs without walking away feeling something. The conviction in her voice in every single song proves she believes in her lyrics, causing us to do the same. Plus, her vocals are so insane, they're almost unreal.

imma loveeeeee you harder ♡ @dangerouswomantour ???? I love you, Omaha

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She Has Flawless Hair

Continually styled to perfection, Ari's locks are always hair (or should we say mane????) goals. She could be rocking her signature pony or the sleek straight look, and it'll look more beautiful than we could ever even imagine ours would. What's her secret?! Oh right, she's a unicorn.

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She's Fierce 

Ari has no problem speaking her mind and just being herself. Rather than worry about what others think of her, she lives her life how she wants to live it and isn't affected by the negativity of haters. And why would she need to anyway? She's ethereal and she knows it!

???? ♡

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She's Simply Adorable

Whenever Ari does anything, all we can say is, "You're so freaking cute!" Even when she's trying to be all sassy and sultry, we still find her to be the cutest creature on the planet. C'mon, just look at that sweet face and tell us you don't feel the same way! We just want to shrink her down and carry her around in her pockets for the rest of our lives.

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There's No One Else Like Her

She's a breed all her own. Though her vocals have been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, they're distinctly different from the two pop queens. And her style simply cannot be emulated by anyone else. Can you think of someone you know who could pull off a faux fur coat and a dad hat? Highly doubt it.

thank you chicago ????❄️

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Ariana may be a one-of-a-kind individual, but you she does have a doppelgänger or two. Get to know one of them HERE.