How Ariel Rose Channeled the Beauty of Miami Into Her In Paraíso EP

Sun. Sand. Waves. Culture. Beauty. Diversity. What city comes to mind for you? If you ask Ariel Rose, it would be her hometown of Miami!

Relishing in the benefits of growing up in such an awesome place, Ariel dishes about how Miami inspired her music and the ideas behind her EP In Paraíso. Diving deeply into the Latin realm of Miami took Ariel on a whirlwind of swinging Latin jams and saucy vibes. Her new EP was handled with care by Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning artist who took her music to the next level.

If you're looking to fill your party playlist for the summer, you can rest assured that Ariel's new EP fits the bill completely. Upbeat percussion and swinging trumpets will have you up and moving to the Latin-styled rhythm.

In our interview with the artist, Ariel gave us insight into her creative process, who she'd love to work with in the future, how everything came together for her, and what we can expect from her and her array of talented friends in the future!


Sweety High: Tell us about this new EP and how it all came together.

Ariel Rose: My new EP is called In Paraíso and I'm so excited because it really blends so many styles of Latin music into a beautiful work that I am very proud of. It blends salsa, pop, trap and reggaeton. It really celebrates tropical music in general, which I think is a really important thing because tropical music is not as represented right now, especially among young females, and I wanted to be that person to really bring it to the forefront and hopefully be an inspiration to people to listen to more tropical music, 'cause it's so much fun! Hopefully, to be an inspiration to future generations.

In Paraíso was very inspired by growing up here in this beautiful city of Miami. It's very diverse. There are a lot of cultures here and people from all over the world, especially Latin American countries. They all come here to live and thrive. It's a beautiful place. The food is amazing. The music is amazing. We have awesome events here and it plays into what I did with my EP and the inspiration behind it all. I collaborated with two-time Grammy-winning producer Tony Succar, who is incredible, on two of the tracks, and his brother Kenyi. The Dominican-based rapper LORS is so cool! Of course, I worked with really incredible people in general. Everyone was Latin Grammy-nominated, Latin Grammy-winning, and I'm honored to be able to surround myself with such incredible talent!


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SH: In what ways has living in Miami inspired your music?

AR: Living in Miami is beautiful… it's just a beautiful place to be. Miami has so much to offer. I incorporate it. There are elements in my music, the rhythms of Latin music, and the instrumentations of Latin music. It's beautiful. There's so much percussion, there are trumpets, there are things that we don't necessarily hear in American pop music that I wanted to incorporate in my music.


SH: Who are some of your dream collaborations?

AR: One of my dream collaborations would be Camila Cabello because she's based in Miami. Believe it or not, I would love to work with Chayanne. Chayanne is so cool, I don't know! I've always loved him and Carlos Vitas is awesome. I love Colombian vallenato and cumbia. To be able to collaborate with him would be awesome and he's also based in Miami now.


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SH: How do you get into a creative headspace when writing music?

AR: The way I get into a creative headspace when writing music is just to clear my mind from everything. Sometimes I'll go to the beach because we have beautiful beaches here in Miami. I really just take a pen and paper and just write and whatever comes to mind. I just take inspiration from that. I ultimately come up with a vision behind whatever I'm doing, if I like it enough.


SH: What's next for you?

AR: After the release of my EP, I have more music coming. I recently filmed a new music video and I have a lot going on. I'm staying focused and working hard and I can't wait to share with everyone what's to come! So, make sure to follow me on my social media to stay up to date on everything!


If you love Ariel Rose, you can also find her on all of your favorite social media platforms @iamarielrose.


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