9 Incredible Art Museums Across the U.S. You Need to Visit at Least Once

Museums are a dime a dozen.

Seriously, you could find a museum for just about anything these days. But we guarantee you won't find any art museums better than the nine below.

Keep scrolling to see them all and to start planning your trips, art-lovers.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Where: Los Angeles, California

Why you should visit: As the largest art museum on the West Coast, the LACMA boasts an impressive collection of over 120,000 art pieces of all shapes and sizes. Their short-term exhibits are also something worth visiting, always unique and intriguing. If you can't make it into the museum, you're sure to love its street lamps display out front. We're sure you've seen it all over your Instagram feed.

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Grounds for Sculpture

Where: Hamilton, New Jersey

Why you should visit: This museum brings famous paintings to life in the form of sculptures. You certainly won't find that anywhere else, so how could you not visit?

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The Salvador Dalí Museum

Where: St. Petersburg, Florida

Why you should visit: Hosting the largest collection of surrealist artist Salvador Dali's masterpieces outside of Spain, you'll get a full history lesson on this notable artist as you meander through this museum. If you're a big fan of his work, it's imperative that you visit.


Museum of Bad Art

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Why you should visit: With three different locations in Boston, Massachusetts, you're sure to stumble upon some of the most horrible art at the MOBA. Visiting will hopefully make you feel better—but maybe worse—about your own art skills.


American Visionary Art Museum

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

Why you should visit: All the work in this museum is done by self-taught artists. You won't believe some of the incredible pieces these painters and sculptors have taught themselves to create, which might inspire you to do the same.

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The Chinati Foundation

Where: Marfa, Texas

Why you should visit: Designed on a 340-acre space, this museum features large-scale exhibits that are connected to the landscape they are built on. This is because the founder, Donald Judd, believed art should be enjoyed by the public and not kept locked away in a gallery.

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The Andy Warhol Museum

Where: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Why you should visit: Solely dedicated to showcasing the works of the eccentric Andy Warhol, this museum holds the largest collection of his in the entire world. You'll get to know the famous artist like never before as you're introduced to his entire breadth of work.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Where: New York City, New York

Why you should visit: You've probably heard of the Met Gala, or the event where celebs dress in insanely stunning outfits. This is the museum that hosts the extravagant occasion. It's also the largest museum in the U.S., hosting 10 wings on the first floor alone. You're sure to get lost roaming the halls of this expansive museum, all in the name of having a good time.

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Dayton Art Institute

Where: Dayton, Ohio

Why you should visit: In order to help you really understand the art, this museum hosts three different self-guided gallery hunts to teach you everything there is to know about some of the art on display. It's one of the most interactive museums around, allowing you to become more connected to the art like never before.

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