Photo Diary: Behind the Scenes with Celebs at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day!

This past weekend, Sweety High teamed up with our Radio Disney fam to help kick off the annual Arthur Ashe Kids' Day in New York, which takes place the Saturday before the US Open.

Radio Disney's Alex Aiono and I (Sweety High host, Cassie DiLaura) hung out with your favorite stars, including Laura Marano, Forever in Your Mind and Troye Sivan for a day of FUN!

Here are my top five behind-the-scenes moments:

1. Holding Simone Manuel's Olympic GOLD Medal

Cassie DiLaura holding Simone Manuel's Gold Medal

When I first saw the list of celebrities I was going to be interviewing at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, one name struck my eye. Yep, the Simone Manuel. In case you missed some of the Olympic action in Rio, Simone, who is 20-years-old, became the first African American woman in history to win an individual swimming medal in the Olympics! I'm not going to lie, I totally fangirled when I met her. After our interview, I told her how proud I am of her and we took a pic together. But get this…she let me hold her Olympic medal. As you can tell by the expression on my face, I was so excited! Oh, and in case you're wondering, those medals are actually pretty heavy!

2. Selfies with Zara Larsson

Cassie DiLaura and Zara Larsson taking selfies.

It's no secret that Zara Larrson is having one of the best summers of her life. With her hits "Never Forget You" and "Lush Life" topping the charts, Zara is on fire! Not only is the 18-year-old super talented, but she's also really nice and down to earth, so this was definitely not only one of my favorite moments of AAKD, but also one of my favorite moments of the summer. After we wrapped our interview and played a super fun game that we can't wait for you to see, Zara and I took some selfies using my light-up LuMee case that I'm totally obsessed with. When the camera wasn't rolling, Zara and I were girl-talking about her amazing red outfit and she shared that her favorite fashion staple right now is furry sandals. Oh, and her go-to selfie pose is actually the smirk.

3. Being on the Actual US Open Tennis Court

Cassie DiLaura on court at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day.

When I was younger, I used to play tennis competitively, so growing up as a huge fan of the sport, this was a surreal moment for me. I mean, how many times do you get to stand on the court where the best tennis players in the world get to play? And walking through the tunnels onto the court was just as cool! But the best part about this picture is that it was taken just minutes after Venus Williams finished practicing on the same court. Pinch me.

4. Flo Rida

Cassie DiLaura and Alex Aiono interviewing Flo Rida

Rapper Flo Rida was the headlining performer for Arthur Ashe Kids' Day and he did he not disappoint. He performed his hits "My House" and "Hello Friday," and had everybody in the stadium rocking out. After his performance, he came to visit us in the Radio Disney suite. Not only did we get to interview Flo and ask him a few questions, but we also played a fun game with him that we can't wait to show you. But my favorite part about hanging out with Flo Rida had to be watching him do a dramatic reading of "My House." You will not want to miss it, I promise! It is hilarious.

5. Watching Venus Williams Practice

Venus Williams practicing.

This one is just awesome. I've watched Venus and Serena on TV for years and years, but I cannot tell you how cool it was to see them practicing in person. Everyone around me was equally as excited and we all took out our phones to capture the moment! We weren't sure who she was practicing with, but we think it was probably her trainer.

Make sure to stay tuned to for our interviews and recap of the entire day at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day!


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