17 Artists to Have on Your Radar in 2017

With 2017 right around the corner, new opportunities are on the horizon.

That's especially true for new (and old) artists who have the chance to make 2017 their year.

We predict these 17 artists below will totally own the music scene this next year, so put them on your radar NOW!

Tegan Marie

Our country star Tegan Marie already had a huge 2016, but there is much more to come from this little lady in 2017. Tegan's recorded quite a few songs that will hopefully be coming out soon. We've heard one of them, and we're utterly obsessed with it. Stay tuned!


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Our fave song: "Lucky Me"

Hudson Thames

Pop singer Hudson Thames is definitely the groove master. Every single one of his tunes is sure to get you moving. He's released plenty of stellar singles over the past few years—including one with our girl Hailee Steinfeld—so now we're just waiting on his full-length album, which will hopefully be released next year.

Our fave song: "How I Want Ya" feat. Hailee Steinfeld


Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers' track "Alaska" stole the show in 2016, so we can only imagine how her new tunes will take off this next year. With her heartfelt lyrics and honest vocals, Maggie isn't afraid to express every emotion in her songs. It's one of the reasons she's definitely worth checking out if you haven't listened to her already.

last days of summer ???? @rachelcabitt

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Our fave song: "Dog Years"


Liv Dawson

There's something so effortlessly beautiful about singer-songwriter Liv Dawson's voice. It's incredibly comforting and familiar, while still totally unique to Liv. Only having released a handful of tunes this year, we'll need a lot more from this girl in the near future.

Our fave song: "Tapestry"



Being formed in 2014, dark pop group MUNA are relatively new to the music scene. But they've certainly discovered a sound that is all their own with their smooth instrumentals and soothing vocals. Their personality oozes from every song in their repertoire. Thankfully we don't have to wait too long for new music from these ladies—their debut album will be out on Feb. 3.

Our fave song: "I Know a Place"



Brother-sister pop duo XYLØ are, quite simply, enchanting. Their eerie vibe is nothing short of mesmerizing and magical. If you're a fan of Lana Del Rey or Halsey, you definitely need to give these two a chance.

Our fave song: "Dead End Love"


Loren North

Only having released her first single a little less than four months ago, indie pop singer Loren North has already proven she's a force to be reckoned with. Listening to her deeply rich vocals over moody instrumentals is like soup for your soul.

what's with me and windows.

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Our fave song: "Feel It Out"


Olivia O'Brien

Though you may not recognize her name, you'd definitely recognize pop and soul singer Olivia O'Brien's voice. She was featured on Gnash's hit track "Hate U, Love U" this year. Olivia's since released a couple of her own songs, but that's not enough to fill our need for even more from this singer.

Our fave song: "Find What You're Looking For"


Milk & Bone

Electropop duo Milk & Bone seldom hold anything back with their pop masterpieces, which is why we're such big fans of them. With fun tunes and catchy lyrics, we foresee you singing along to their new releases in 2017.

Our fave song: "Natalie"


Noella Nix

Sassy and frank, Australian singer-songwriter Noella Nix speaks her mind on her rhythmic tunes. They're perfect to hear before you have a girl's night out to pump you up for the night. We can't wait for more from this one next year!

Our fave song: "Bye Bye"



After releasing their debut album White Noise in 2014, rock bad PVRIS (pronounced "Paris") followed up on the success of it by dropping a deluxe version earlier this year. But we certainly need more from this group, and we think with the anticipated release of the next album, everyone will be obsessed with these guys by the end of 2017. Better get listening before they become too big.

Our fave song: "My House"


The Maine

Arizona natives The Maine aren't a new band—they'll be celebrating their 10 year anniversary together in January—but they're certainly a group you need to know. Currently in the process of finishing up their sixth album, the guys have promised it to be their "best yet." It's not too late to become a fan!

Making an album still. ????: @_lupe

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Our fave song: "(Un)Lost"



Every time we listen to indie pop group Bahari's music, we're instantly transported to a tranquil beach scene in our minds. Their songs can make anyone feel like a California girl! In case you didn't catch 'em opening for Selena Gomez this year, hopefully you'll get a sense of their beach vibes in

Our fave song: "Dancing on the Sun"



With their mood-boosting singles, indie pop band CRUISR is about to take their status in the music industry to the next level in 2017. Their positive and upbeat tunes will be heard on radio stations everywhere—at least we hope so!

Scottsdale tonight. ????: @paulcasperjr

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Our fave song: "Moving to Neptune"


Why Don't We

Boy band Why Don't We just released their debut EP Only the Beginning, which is a fitting title considering all that is to come for these guys in the upcoming year. Why don't you give these pop singers a chance?

Our fave song: "Taking You"


Maren Morris

Country artist Maren Morris shot to the top in 2016, so we weren't shocked when we heard she was nominated for four Grammy awards. The only place Maren has to go is up, so we predict 2017 will be better than ever for this girl.

Our fave song: "80s Mercedes"


Amaal Nuux

R&B singer Amaal Nuux released two empowering songs this year—"Who Are We?" and "Last Ones." We're guessing she has plenty more up her sleeve, which is probably all we need to hear at some point during 2017.

Our fave song: "Who Are We?"


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