ArtSugar x Rae of Light Join Forces to Make THE Cutest Clutches for Breast Cancer Awareness

The arrival of October means it's officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and some of our favorite brands are giving back in a big way.

ArtSugar and Rae of Light in particular have come together for a dream collab—and it's all for benefit of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The two female-founded brands joined forces to release two darling clutches for a cause, and the folks behind the brands sent us one of the clutches so we could check it out ourselves. We can safely say that not only does the collaboration support a worthy foundation, but the clutches are everything we dreamed they would be.

The Brands

The ArtSugar x Rae of Light collection is a collaboration nearly one year in the making. It's the brainchild of ArtSugar founder Alix Greenberg and Rae of Light founder Teddi Rae, who worked together to pick the perfect colors and styles for the unique club, resulting in two gorgeous clutches with unique personalities of their own. Both represent strong female leaders through their bold color and creativity, brought about through collaboration.

That makes sense, given the power of these two companies. ArtSugar is an e-commerce retailer focused on art curation for millennials and Gen Z, giving the Instagram generation access to affordable art prints and decor by top artists. Rae of Light is a company specializing in custom handbags and accessories, personalizing them for reasonable prices and allowing users to make the bags of their dreams by mixing and matching colors, fonts and shapes. They're both founded by women and based on creativity and celebrating what makes you unique, so this is a match made in heaven.

ArtSugar Rae of Light collab alix clutch diamonds

(via ArtSugar x Rae of Light)

The two acrylic clutches are inspired by their favorite girlish obsessions, diamond and candy, and are aptly named after the founders: the Alix and the Teddi. The Alix is feminine with its geometric pattern in all shades of pink, complete with a wrapped bonbon-shaped clasp plated in gold. The Teddi, on the other hand, is teal and covered in a print of diamonds and gems in bold shades of green and blue.

Each retails for $178, and 15% of every purchase goes to BCRF.

ArtSugar Rae of Light collab alix and teddi clutches

(via ArtSugar x Rae of Light)


The Clutch

We were sent the teal Teddi clutch to check out, and we were immediately smitten with it. It came in a protective drawstring bag and the boxy design is utterly chic, especially with the crystal and diamond designs patterned on the vinyl. It's also got a sturdy feel that'll make you feel secure about toting your goodies inside of it.

ArtSugar Rae of Light collab teddi clutch

(via ArtSugar x Rae of Light)

The clutch is super functional, too. It's eight inches wide, four inches across and two inches tall, giving you plenty of storage room, and both wide sides of the clutch are mirrored, making it great for applying makeup, making touchups or just double-checking how fabulous you look. One mirror is imprinted with "ArtSugar x Rae of Light," while the other reads "Hey Sweetie." We probably don't have to explain why we're fans of that one.

ArtSugar Rae of Light collab teddi clutch interior

(via ArtSugar x Rae of Light)


The clutch also comes with a detachable metal chain, which can be attached to two small hooks to transform the clutch into a bag for nights out, in case you're not keen on holding on to it all the time. The look is chic and bold, and we love that it's for a good cause.


Bottom Line

If you want to support the BCRF this month, this clutch collaboration by ArtSugar and Rae of Light might be the most fashionable way to do so. Both the Alix and the Teddi options are vibrant, fun and oh so colorful, reflecting two different types of gals who like showing off their creativity and individuality. They're sure to draw in plenty of compliments, and when people rave about your clutch, you can tell them that it also supported a worthy cause.


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