Funny but Useful As Seen on TV Products We Actually Want to Buy

If you've ever watched television (which we're 99.9% sure you have), you've seen an As Seen on TV infomercial. They're pretty hard to miss, tbh.

They're over the top, funny and often times leave you with an intense sensation to buy something you definitely don't need.

Cartoon TV with the words "As See On TV" on it

(Photo Credit: Faithie via Shutterstock)

Although most of the the products seem a bit outrageous, there are a few we can actually see ourselves using.

Scroll below to see the 12 products we just might purchase, and their hilariously exaggerated ads. ????

Simply Straight

What it does: It's a brush and a straightener all in one! It supposedly completely flattens and smooths your hair in just a few brush strokes. We're a little skeptical, but if it works, how absolutely amazing would this time-saving device be?!

Cave in and buy it for: $39.94


Nano Charger XT

What it does: This product must have been made for us, because our cell phones are always on the verge of dying when we need them most. This lil' gadget hooks onto your keychain and then plugs into any USB power source. We need one, asap.

Cave in and buy it for: $4.99


Bottle Top

What it does: This clever item may seem simple, but it's genius. How many times have you spilled all over you outfit while drinking out of a soda can? And how many times has a nasty bee flown right into your can while trying to sip your soda pool side? The answer is too many times. This top screws right onto any soda can and stays tight to keep your drink carbonated longer and help you avoid spillage. C'mon, you know this will come in handy!

Cave in and buy it for: $12.99


Shower Wow

What it does: We can't help but laugh watching the commercial for this LED rainbow shower light. Apparently, it makes the water light up creating a way more enjoyable experience. Dance party in the shower? Can't say no to that.

Cave in and buy it for: $14.95


Moo Mixer

What it does: This thing does exactly what it says it will do—mixes up your chocolate milk! This adorable mug is perfect for a lazy day when you just want your chocolate milk to come together without all your arm power. ????

Cave in and buy it for: $15.99


Zip It Friends

What it does: Slightly silly, slightly brilliant, this product is essentially a permanent sleeping bag for your bed. It's clearly geared toward younger children, but if they offered some fashion-forward patterns for teen girls, we'd be in.

Cave in and buy it for: $22.50


Kangaroo Keeper Brite

What it does: Having a messy purse is one of our faux pas, we'll admit that. This instant bag organizer may not be the most gorg thing we've seen, but it's just about the most practical item to exist. It keeps your makeup, wallet and any other small items neatly organized and it even has a mini LED light built in. Pretty sweet. ????

Cave in and buy it for: $8.50


Style Snaps

What it does: Any girl who has ever bought the perfect pair of jeans only to realize they're an inch too long, will praise this product. Style snaps hook onto your pants and allow you to quickly hem them without sewing. Life. Changing. You've outdone yourself, As Seen on TV.

Cave in and buy it for: $11.99



What it does: Basically, this helps you take the perfect selfie. How can you go wrong with a product that does that? It includes a bluetooth remote, a stand and an LED flash so you'll look uh-maze no matter what the lighting sitch. We know this can help step up our Insta game.

Cave in and buy it for: $24.99



What it does: You know how frustrating it is when you're trying to watch Netflix on your tablet in bed and you can't find a good place to set it for the best viewing angle? It's the worst. Tab Legs lets you watch your fave shows hands-free using the flexible tablet legs. Your Netflix binge-watching can be taken to a whole new level now, phew.

Cave in and buy it for: $35


Boom Tunes

What it does: Watch one minute of the below ad and you'll never forget what this product does. Put the device on virtually any surface and "BOOM!" it turns into a speaker. It's actually a very cool concept if you think about it, and it's perfect for when you don't want to spend a pretty penny on an expensive speaker system.

Cave in and buy it for: $9.94


Hover Ball

What it does: This allows you to play soccer inside. Yep, you heard that right. This ball by WHAM-O floats above the ground and glides over any surface like carpet, tile and wood. It won't scratch your floor or your furniture, so really there's no reason why your parents shouldn't let you bring the outdoor fun in. ????

Cave in and buy it for: $8.99


So maybe you won't necessarily whip out your wallet to purchase one of these items, but we're pretty sure it's going to be hard to hold onto your savings once you see THESE amazing back-to-school Pikachu accessories!