Ashlee Keating Chats CHILL and "Ice Kingdom"!

Ashlee Keating is a young musician whose awesome track "Ice Kingdom" recently became a part of a Coca-Cola campaign!

Sweety High recently spoke with Ashlee about the things that inspire her, memorable experiences, and what's in store for her fans in the new year!

Ashlee said that she was practically born singing.

"I started singing professionally when I was 3," she said. "I begged my parents to get me vocal lessons. I've just always wanted to be a singer."

From there, she starred on Broadway, became a Radio Disney up-and-coming artist, and got to perform in live shows in front of thousands of fans.

One huge moment in Ashlee's career was when she opened for Demi Lovato at a concert in Philadelphia.

"That day there was supposed to be a thunderstorm right after I performed," Ashlee explained. "It started downpouring rain and thunderstorming."

After her performance, Ashlee was supposed to do a meet & greet with her fans, but the venue decided to delay everything until the bad weather subsided.

"When I came back out, it was incredible because the fans had been standing in line in the pouring rain and thunderstorm and were waiting for me," Ashlee said.

Ashlee got the opportunity to meet tons of fans who were excited about her music, and all of her merchandise sold out.

"For them to be that dedicated and be there and wait in the pouring rain and be that supportive was incredible," she said. "It was definitely a moment I will never forget."

Ashlee Keating is also an actress, appearing on Nickelodeon shows iCarly and Victorious. She hopes to return to acting in the future.

She is also involved in charity work, and has volunteered for the Starlight Children's Foundation for the last 4 years. The foundation aims to improve the lives and health of children and their families across the globe.

"I really love being able to spend time with them and put smiles on the kids' faces," Ashlee said. "When I get to perform for them and just spend time to make them happy, it's really rewarding."

She is also very involved with Together We Rise, which supports foster children, and hopes to get involved with more organizations in the future.

This year, Coca-Cola came to Ashlee and asked her to write a song for their "52 Songs of Happiness" campaign.

"I am so incredibly honored to be involved with the Coca-Cola," she said. "It's just a huge company and they really give a big break in a lot of artists' careers. I'm very appreciative."

The theme of "52 Songs of Happiness" this year was favorite places and experiences.

Every year, The Queen Mary transforms its dome into a giant winter wonderland called CHILL, which features ice-skating, inner tubing, concerts, and real snow!

"I absolutely loved the fact that they could transform everything in California into a winter wonderland, and it's just a great place to take family and friends and really feel like it's the holiday in California," Ashlee explained.

Ashlee decided to write her song about the Queen Mary and CHILL because of the wonderful experiences she had there.

"I called it 'Ice Kingdom' and wrote all about my feelings there," she said. "It just really inspired me."

The opportunity has really helped Ashlee put her music out in the world and get in touch with new fans.

Ashlee also got the chance to perform "Ice Kingdom" at the opening of this year's CHILL festivities on November 21!

Now, Ashlee is working on her upcoming album, though she said she couldn't divulge too many of the details just yet.

"I'm working with a lot of amazing producers and writers, and I've been collaborating with some artists," Ashlee said.

Her next single will be out sometime in the beginning of 2014, and will showcase Ashlee's changing musical style.

"I'm kind of in another transition phase right now," she said. "I'm very excited for my fans to see what's going on. I'm doing more of a pop-soul-dance style, really enjoying my voice and  incorporating new sounds."

Ashlee said she will be going back to her roots by emulating artists including Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

"I can't wait for 2014 and for my fans to see what's coming up with me and hear my new music and my new sound," Ashlee said. "Hopefully everyone will be very inspired by my lyrics and my music, because I when people can relate to my music."

Check out an acoustic version of Ashlee Keating's "Ice Kingdom", and check out Ashlee's social media pages below!

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