Ashlee Keating Channels Her Inner Boss in New Anthem 'Saucy'

If you're looking for the ultimate feel-good, self-empowerment anthem for the summer, look no further than Ashlee Keating's hot new track, "Saucy."

The singer-songwriter and actress puts all of her bold confidence on display in the new song, all about feeling like the best version of yourself. With its richly colorful and infectious music video, it also feels like the perfect celebration of Pride Month and the self-acceptance that comes with it. We got the chance to chat with Ashlee about the track and its lyrics, and here's what it means to her to be "Saucy."

The Story Behind 'Saucy'

Ashlee Keating: It was actually inspired by a friend's birthday party at a rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles. As the guests started to arrive, everybody was dressed to the nines, super gorgeous, and we all started complimenting one another telling each other how "saucy" we looked! It was such a positive, feel-good celebration, I was inspired to write "Saucy" to give a piece of that moment to my fans!


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What 'Saucy' Means

AK: The song means body positivity, female empowerment, just loving yourself in any state and channeling your inner bossy saucy self! I hope my listeners find "Saucy" as a motivational song during times when they aren't feeling themselves as well as their go-to music while getting ready for a night of fun and glam!


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Ashlee's Favorite Lyric

AK: "Got my Jimmy Choo, you know how I do, I can't help myself, I'm bossy." I love this lyric because I love the feeling when you put on your favorite heels, or a nice piece of jewelry, handbag, fancy dress, etc. and it just transforms you to feel like a brand new person or a different version of yourself. When I put on my Jimmy Choo's, I'm Ashlee Fierce Keating now!

(Photo credit: Combina Key)


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