Ashley Argota Talks NYU, Her Solo Album, And Her Poodle, Annie!

Ashley Argota is beauty, brains, and talent! Not only is she an actress on Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures, but she also attends NYU! She recently took a break from being superwoman to answer some fan questions on Twitter.

Check out what she had to say about what we can expect from her in the future and who her biggest inspirations are.

Q: Are you sad the True Jackson VP is over?
A: of course, i miss them so much!

Q: How do you like NYU?!
A: it's incredible! i LOVE it here

Q: do u have any pets??? If so what are there names
A: i have a poodle. her name is annie. and i miss her so much!

Q: Do you want to make an album in the future? Because I think you're an amazing singer
A: yes i do! i'll be working on it while i'm here in NYC  xo

Q: Would you rather have a rabid unicorn or a vampire bunny? hehe..
A: a vampire bunny, as long as it doesn't bite me… haha

Q: which character was harder to play lulu or kelly?
A: lulu because i'm not that ditzy in real life. kelly is easier– she's pretty much just me.

Q: Have you ever gone skydiving or do you ever want to?!
A: i'm afraid of heights but i kinda want to haha

Q: Hi Ashley! do you like math??! greetings from Peru!!
A: i do actually! algebra is my favorite

Q: who inspires you when it comes to acting? your a natural
A: meryl streep, sandra bullock, emma stone, rachel mcadams!

Q: what do you want for christmas?
A: my 2 front teeth…

Q: you are absolutely hi-larious in true jackson… Was that the script or is that just how you are in general???
A: we had incredible writers who made the show funny every day

Q: who makes you happy everytime you see them? xoxo
A: my best friend, raini. and my cast members!

Q: veggies or bird clocks?
A: bird clocks, obviouslyyy

Q: What is the most important thing to do in life?
A: be happy.

Q: Which Nickelodeon show would you love to be on? (Could be from 90′s and so on, too.)
A: the amanda show. or all that. oooor spongebob hahaha

Q: craziest thing ever done while filming ANYTHING ?
A: i had to fence and jump out of a window in bucket and skinners. the episode is airing next week haha

If you could ask Ashley any question, what would it be?