Ashley Greene Wanted To Play Bella

Ashley Greene revealed she had her heart set on the role of Bella Swan, and not Alice Cullen, when she was auditioning for a part in the Twilight franchise.

When she began the audition process, Ashley knew little-to-nothing about the Twilight series.  As she began to read the best-selling books, Greene became a huge fan of Twilight, especially of Bella Swan.

"I auditioned for Bella. Actually, I auditioned a few times," said Ashley.  "They told me I wasn't right for it and I was heartbroken-I really, really wanted to be a part of the franchise."

Of course, Ashley didn't give up, and Twilight fans know she ended up cast as vampire Alice Cullen.  "…They came back to me with Alice and I absolutely love the character so I auditioned a few more times and against all odds, I got the part. I screamed, I cried. It was very exciting."

Ashley also revealed she is Team Edward.  We wonder if Joe Jonas is, too.