7 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Singer, Dancer and Actress Ashlund Jade

Like many of our other faves, Ashlund Jade launched her career on YouTube.

The singer, dancer and actress has come even farther these days by competing on The Pop Game and singing covers on DreamWorksTV's series Songs That Stick.

We can't wait to see what Ashlund does next, but we also wanted an inside look at this girl's crazy awesome life.

Read what she shared with us below!

Ashlund Jade WCW art

(Photo Credit: Wes Klain)

Name: Ashlund Jade

Birthplace: Utah

Birthday: Feb. 16

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts

1. Her crazy and slightly terrifying talent is pulling back her eyelids. We don't really need a visual of that one, TBH.

2.  Her accessory game is on point. "I love the choker trend that's been going around," she gushed. As she should, it looks fabulous on her. ????

pre-sale!! my first original song will be released march 3rd! link is in my bio???? #ashlundjade #ultimatum

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3. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. Wise choice, #girlpower is what it's all about.

4. She's crazy about Disneyland, but also has major love for DCOMs. Her favorite is High School Musical 2 and she admitted to having a crush on Troy Bolton. So much same.

disney was good❤️✌????️

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5. The reason turtles are her favorite animal is totally adorable. "I had a pet turtle when I was little," she said. Her love for them has only grown since then.

6. She can't have enough food or Starbucks. Her favorite dish is Fettuccine Alfredo from Olive Garden. We're not sure what her go-to Starbs order is, but if she likes pink drinks, we know we'll get along.

after audition snack????props to disney for having a starbucks in their building????????

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7. She gets most of her inspiration from her amazing family. "They inspire me to do what I love," she shared. "They honestly give the best advice and always motivate me." Her little brothers are obviously her biggest fans.

my cute little brothers on their way to see me perform in la today. can't wait to see them!! ❤️

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Ashlund rose to success because she's extra passionate about what she does. We love gals like her and THIS awesome video host who turned her love for Marvel into a career.