Giveaway: Asia Draws YOUR Pet! WINNER UPDATE!

Hey everyone! I know I teased all of you on my Insta, because I'm back at Sweety High this week for another giveaway that all of you pet lovers are going to L-O-V-E ?. I've gotten to know SO many of you through all of the sweet comments you've left for me here on Sweety High, and this idea is really inspired by all of you! PLUS scroll to the bottom to check out the BONUS PRIZE I just added!

asia monet ray pet drawing giveaway


OMG. All of your pets were SO cute. I looked at EVERY single one of your pets so many times that it started to get kind of impossible to pick!!! In the end, I just had to pick 5 (even though I wished I could pick them all!!!). The winners are…

Asia Pet Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the owners of Lexi, Camilla, Jojo, Colin and Isabel! I can't wait to show you how all of your drawings turned out!!! I know you're going to love them ? Thanks again for sharing all of your sweet pets with me!

And BTW, I kind of NEED to enter Sweety High's new Harry Potter giveaway. I'm obsessed with prize, and you can click right here to enter too!



Two of the things I love more than ANYTHING else in the world are drawing and my dog Mochi. I love her SO much, and I bet you all feel the same way about your pets, so I wanted to do something special for you AND them.

asia monet ray mochi giveaway

That's why I'm picking 5 of your pets to draw! FIVE winners will win their own signed, one-of-a-kind drawings of their pet by ME! ? Here's my drawing of Mochi! I can't wait to see how my drawings of your pets turn out ?



  • A drawing of YOUR pet by me, Asia! I'll also sign each drawing and write a personalized note JUST for you.


In the COMMENTS section below, share your name and your email and…

  • Submit your fave photos of all your pets! (And YES, you can submit as many times as you want!)
  • Be sure to tell us their names!


mochi ewok coin purse

All of your pets are SO OUTRAGEOUSLY CUTE that I wanted to add something special to this giveaway ?. In addition to my drawings, the 5 winners will ALSO win an adorable ewok coin purse that is SO cute and totally reminds me of Mochi!!!

You only have one week to enter (OMG I can't wait to see all your cute pets!!!) and I'm ONLY doing this on Sweety High, so enter right now (rules). Once I pick the winners, I'll make an announcement on my Instagram!

Good luck!!! ?

?, Asia