9 Times Asia Monet Ray Was Your Spirit Animal

Asia Monet Ray inspires us on a daily basis. Here are all the times she gave us life!


1. When she became a mermaid and we all lived vicariously through her.


2. When she was the queen of the LA Fashion Week photobomb.


3. When her cosplay game was SO on point.


4. When her "Dog Of the Month" picks showed us where her real priorities are.


5. When her form reminded us you have to be a SERIOUS athlete to dance the way she does.





6. When her singing to her dog Mochi was ALL of us.


7. When every outfit she wore ever was something we IMMEDIATELY needed in our closets.


8. When her wisdom went WAY beyond her 10 years.


9. And when her moves made it impossible not to get up and move with her.


If Asia Monet is your spirit animal all day every day, here are the 34 things you MUST know about her!