Amazing Asian American Beauty Brands to Support Now and Always

Here at Sweety High, we stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, and firmly against any kind of intolerance and discrimination.

Now more than ever, it's important to support the AAPI community, and one easy way to do that is by shopping great Asian-owned brands. Not only does doing so create a cultural exchange and a greater understanding for different types of people in general, but it helps people financially, too! If you want to do your part, keep reading for some of our favorite Asian American beauty brands you can support now, and always.

1. Beauteani Beauty

Founded by Arpeeta Oberai, Beauteani Beauty was created and inspired by Indian tea culture. The company is very specialized, with only four face peel-off masks and four herbal teas available in their shop, creating glowing, healthy-looking skin from both the inside and out.

Beauteani face mask

(via Beauteani Beauty)


2. Blume

Created by Indian American sisters Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, Blume is a company devoted to skin, body and period care. Their mission statement is based around the idea of craving healthy skin, rather than perfect skin, and creating bravery and positive self-esteem through gentle, pure ingredients that bring out the best in all of us.

Blume skincare bundle

(via Blume)


3. Cellular MD

Cellular MD was created by entrepreneurial beauty expert, Erin Moy, and her award-winning dermatologist dad, Dr. Ronald Moy. The brand's proprietary formulations were developed with help from leading molecular genetics researchers to create remedies that heal damage caused by everything from the sun to pollutants, to stress and lack of sleep.

Cellular MD eye balm

(via Cellular MD)


4. Glamnetic

Thai American Glamnetic founder Ann McFerran actually became a doctor before realizing that the profession didn't have the creative aspect she needed to thrive. After falling in love with false lashes and realizing how difficult they were to put on and wear, she decided to invest her energies in creating truly effortless magnetic lashes and eyeliners, and Glamnetic was born.

Glamnetic Ann McFerran

(via Glamnetic)


5. Insert Name Here

The playfully dubbed beauty brand Insert Name Here was co-founded by Korean American Sharon Park and her best friend Jordyn Wynn. Their hair extensions are all about a process of self-discovery, allowing customers to try on new hair trends, styles and colors in order to discover their best selves.

Insert Name Here founders

(via Insert Name Here)


6. Live Tinted

Live Tinted was created by Indian American beauty blogger Deepica Mutyala, who became a viral sensation after sharing a lifehack video about using bright red lipstick to conceal dark undereye circles and blemishes. After forming the Live Tinted online community, which focused on underrepresented people in beauty, the brand started releasing unique solutions for their top problems in the form of great products.

Live Tinted product user images

(via Live Tinted)


7. Perfect Image

Perfect Image was created by David Petrillo to bring safe, professional-grade skin peels into the home. Their peels are crafted using gentle acids and other ingredients in order to remove dead surface layers of skin, allowing clear, new skin to heal in its place. Best of all, they're developed for every type of skin and concern.

Perfect Image gel peel

(via Perfect Image)


8. Pink Moon

Chinese American Pink Moon founder Lin Chen created the brand in order to blend her love of beauty with her passion for holistic living and self-care. And Pink Moon doesn't only sell their own proprietary products. Their highly curated online shop also features great, consciously created items made with the welfare of womankind in mind.

Pink Moon toothbrush set

(via Pink Moon)


9. Prim Botanicals

Created by Stefanie Walmsley, who was born and raised in the Philippines, Prim Botanicals specializes in clean products made from carefully selected ingredients. They aim to make customers feel healthier and happier with great-smelling fragrances, lotions, balms and more. Plus, each month, the brand supports a different non-profit in the Philippines.

Prim Botanicals image

(via Prim Botanicals)


10. Purlisse Beauty

Purlisse Beauty creator and CEO Jennifer Yen grew up Chinese American in Alabama, which led to its own unique challenges. While she struggled to feel confident in her own skin, she was led down the path to discover her grandmother's Asian beauty secrets. Today, Purlisse Beauty is where those traditions meet modern beauty science, with incredible products that are all about healing, clarifying and restoring skin.

Purlisse watermelon products

(via Purlisse Beauty)


11. Soko Glam

Soko Glam was started by wife and husband team Charlotte and David Cho, who were inspired by Korean beauty principles to share those ideas with the world at large. After moving to South Korea, Charlotte discovered the Korean skin-first philosophy, which makes taking care of the skin and  self-care experience that results in greater overall happiness. This includes Soko Glam's famous 10-step Korean skincare routine, which is just as much a lifestyle as a beauty regimen.

Soko Glam guides faces

(via Soko Glam)


12. Strange Bird Beauty

Strange Bird Beauty was founded by Chinese American mom, wife and life couch Tina Rudolf, who was an artist and a therapist before finding her calling as a beauty entrepreneur. The simple products put self-care first, and reflect the fact that cleaning and moisturizing your face can be a meditative, enjoyable ritual in your everyday life. 1% of the brand's proceeds also go to organizations that focus on women's mental health.

Strange Bird product boxes

(via Strange Bird Beauty)


13. YENSA Beauty

YENSA Beauty is another incredible creation from the incredibly creative Purlisse Beauty founder Jennifer Yen. YENSA combines powerful superfoods with Asian rituals and the latest scientific breakthroughs in skincare to create one-of-a-kind makeup and skincare products. After all, glowing and beautiful skin starts with skin health.

YENSA beauty lipstick and lip oil

(via Yensa Beauty)


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