Asos's Crayola Beauty Makeup Line Will Turn Your Selfies Into Works of Art

Coloring on paper is fun, but turning yourself into art is next-level.

Crayola's makeup line has officially launched. Yes, that's right—Crayola, as in crayons. The brand has created Crayola Beauty, bringing a 58-piece collection exclusively to Asos.

The online store announced the news today, celebrating "kitschy color-change lipsticks, eye palettes, highlighters, bold-colored mascaras and an arty brush kit."

Asos Crayola Beauty

(via Asos)

Crayola is all about color, so, naturally, there is no lack of it in the line; there are 95 shades across the various products, in fact. Asos hyped the products as perfect for those with "the very overwhelming urge to get free-flow creative" and encouraged customers to "go play." The makeup is vegan and cruelty-free, too, so anyone can do just that sans guilt.

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The products are now available on the Asos website, and while prices are a bit higher than most drugstore products, they're not totally out of reach. You can buy a single lip and cheek crayon for $14.50, a tube of mascara for $16 and a face palette for $29, for example.

Go forth and color yourself pretty!


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