Need Some Astrological Guidance? Here's the Astrology App for You

While some people will check a daily horoscope once in a while for fun, others of us are firm believers in astrology, counting on the wisdom of the stars to guide us through our lives.

Of course, with hundreds of astrology resources out there, it can be quite easy to become overwhelmed with information. Instead of looking in one place one day and another place the next, we think it's wise to have one or two go-to apps to serve your astrological needs. But which one of the many, many apps out there is right for you? All you have to do is keep reading to find out your ideal fit.


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For Specific Guidance With an Astrology Refresher, Co-Star

The reason the Co-Star app has gone so viral is that it's incredibly detailed, giving out actionable advice and skillfully explaining the planetary undercurrents of a given time period. It breaks down your birth chart and explains all of the little details it reveals about you, and gives daily guidance, as well as areas where you'll have power, pressure and trouble for the day. The more accurate it feels (and it's often very accurate) there more you begin to trust and rely on what it has to reveal to you, and you'll probably learn quite a bit about astrology along the way.


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For Your Daily 30-Second Horoscope: Susan Miller's Astrology Zone

Don't have a lot of time to look at your astrological insights every day? Astrology Zone is backed by world-famous astrologer Susan Miller, and offers single-sentence daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign, which are perfect for those who don't want to spend 15 minutes digging into what their day will entail. It helps you cut through the junk and get to what you want to know in a second. The app also offers more detailed monthly horoscopes to give you an overall look at what lies ahead, and additional features for a subscription fee.



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For a Casual, Yet Thorough, Astrological Explainer: Sanctuary Astrology

After you plug your birth date and time into the Sanctuary app, you can go wild and explore tons of great information about yourself. It's also served in a novel way, with everything from your daily horoscope to explanations of the basic astrology concepts and detailed descriptions of the meanings of your planets unraveling in a form similar to a text conversation. It's detailed but clear, breaking complicated ideas into easy chunks that are easy to understand—especially when it comes to the planetary alignments and what they do.

One downside to the app is that there are lots of interesting things to explore, but it's not very transparent which ones are included with the free version of the app and which ones require a subscription fee to access until you click on a locked feature. The subscription also allows you to chat live with an astrologer on the app.



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For Aspiring Astrologers: TimePassages

If there'anything you want to know about your chart or the subject of astrology as a whole, it's probably included somewhere inside the TimePassages app. Once you plug in your birth info, it won't only tell you all about your own chart and all of the details contained within, but also long-term and daily astrological influences that might be impacting your life, and how to deal with them. The app contains a "Learn" section that's packed with resources that can teach you a lot about the practice. It's great for those who love to want to get into the nitty-gritty details and understand the why and not just the what.


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For Strong Insights, Without the Astrological Deep Dive: The Pattern

Sometimes, you want to let the wisdom of astrology guide you without actually getting deep into the astrology side of things. For those times, The Pattern is the perfect app for your daily insights. Rather than naming astrological events and describing your birth chart, this app calls them "patterns" and "timing," providing deep understanding of the undercurrents of your personality and what's going on in the world in terms of how it's affecting you. Students of astrology might be frustrated not to be informed what planets are at work within which houses, but that's not what this app is about. We still find it invaluable.


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