How to Track the Astrological Transits of the Moon—and Why You Should

We don't know about you, but we're using a lot of our time stuck indoors to learn about all things astrological. Most recently, we've been focusing a ton of our time on learning all about transits of the moon.

And we're not just talking about the phases of the moon, and what it means when it's waxing, waning, new or full—if you believe in that kind of thing. Did you know that the moon also passes through the signs of the zodiac? Read more to find out how to track those transits, and how to learn what they all mean so you can know what's happening in the skies without having to look it up.

Get Tracking

Over time, you might become skilled enough to know the 29.5-day astrological cycle of the moon and track it by heart, but until then, an app or moon phase calendar will guide you on your way. We like the free Luna Solaria app, or you can visit a metaphysical store and grab a lunar almanac that will show you the astrological transits, as well as the current phase of the moon.

The moon spends about two and a half days within each sign, and many believe that the sign's energies have a profound energy impact for that period. The better you understand each of the 12 zodiac signs, the better you'll naturally understand each moon phase. And best of all, if the current energy doesn't suit you, you only have to wait a couple of days for it to pass.


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Knowing the Signs

Don't know already know the traits of the zodiac signs? Chances are, as you start tracking the astrological transits of the moon, you'll get enough practice implementing them that they'll become second-nature. Until then, here's what you can expect during each of the transits:


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so you should expect to encounter fresh starts during this transit. You might find new power to be assertive and speak your mind, or take charge of something new. This may also lead to a fiery confrontation that resolves into a permanent change—or maybe even initiating a new relationship.



The dependable energy of Taurus means that whatever happens during this transit will probably stick around for a while, and since the sign is so stubborn, you may also find it difficult to create change during this time. You may feel called to indulge in the finer things in life, and it's possible you'll make good financial decisions during this period that will pay off down the line.



While the Taurus moon transit brought consistency, the mercurial nature of Gemini can bring swift and easy change, though this shift is likely to come from outside sources. You may feel more talkative than normal and feel like taking a break and enjoying things, rather than buckling down. This transit brings good spirits, so embrace them.



This transit is the time to get in touch with your sensitive side. Have those tough, emotional talks with the people who matter to you. You may feel your inner mom called out, and be drawn to taking care of others and your home life. If you feel compelled to tidy up and bake, make the most of that energy.



Leo's first focus is the self, so during this transit, you may be particularly concerned with how you appear to others, both in terms of looks and reputation. This is a great time to take care of your own needs, which will appear to be very important to you. You may feel bold and empowered to make others see you the way you wish to be seen.



Virgo is a detail-oriented sign, and you may find that you are particularly attentive during this transit. It's possible that you'll feel more practical and methodical than usual, and that you're able to devote attention to areas that were falling by the wayside. This is a great time to establish good habits, particularly where they concern your overall wellbeing.



The energy of the social Libra transit will make your friendships critical to your happiness. You'll be particularly energized by getting in touch with the people you care about, and feel like making peace with others instead of initiating conflict. You may also gain new insights into how to maintain further balance in your life.



The Scorpio transit is a mysterious time, indeed. It's possible that you will feel like keeping to yourself at this time, and it's unlikely that you'll be open to sharing your emotions with anyone but your most trusted confidantes.  Your intuition may also be at its peak, giving you insights that would otherwise be just out of reach.



Sagittarius' philosophical energy will open up your mind and welcome new ideas during this transit. You may feel inclined to see the world—or at least try something novel—and you'll have the confidence to do so. This is a particularly optimistic time, and you should believe in yourself and what you can do with the right attitude.



Capricorn is the hardest worker of the zodiac, so this transit is the perfect time to attach to a heightened sense of responsibility and get to finishing the things you've started. You might feel a surge of productivity that allows you to work toward the goals that matter to you most and get you closer to what you want out of life. And if two days isn't long enough to get that jump-start, try using it to create a strong structure for the future, instead.



Aquarius is the sign of those who stray off the beaten path, so you may feel independent during this transit, and decide to embrace what makes you one-of-a-kind. This is the time to do your own thing and rebel in your own way. You may be generating lots of new ideas, and during this time you should feel free to pursue them, no matter how unusual they may be.



Pisces is the most psychic of the zodiac signs, and you may feel like you're practically reading other people's minds during this transit. Otherwise, it's the perfect time to focus on your dreams, both literal and figurative. Come to understand what you want out of life, let your daydreams get away from you, and let the creativity flow.


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Track Yourself During the Transits

Now that you know the moon phase and transit, and which the astrological transits mean, it's time to start figuring out what they truly mean for you. You should be taking notes, whether it's a quick couple of words in your phone, or writing out detailed pages in an actual journal, to see how your life aligns with the moon.

Start by writing down how you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually on a daily basis, or even multiple times throughout the day if something strikes you as relevant. From there, look for links to the current phase and transit of the moon. You never know what patterns you may find, and what phases of the moon are actually the most powerful for you and your specific energy. Maybe you'll find power in your sun, moon or ascendant sign, or perhaps it'll come as a complete surprise. Let the correlations speak to you and teach you about how you sync up with the moon.


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