7 Chic Staples Every Sporty Girl Needs ?

Who says sporting goods can't be chic!? Definitely not us!

Whether you're a girl who's constantly on the go with a school sporting team, tennis lessons or you just genuinely enjoy wearing athletic wear, we've got seven essentials you'll find hard to resist. Sporty is the new chic, gals! ?


1. A good pair of running shoes – $60

There's no denying that a solid pair of running shoes is important for any athlete! Why not invest in ones you know will work well and are fashion-forward? These Nike Flex Experience's are a perfect example of how function and fashion can collide.

Nike Flex Experience Shoes

(via Nike)


2. A water bottle that will make you actually want to drink water$20.00

It doesn't matter if you're a pro athlete or you just enjoy the occasional workout, drinking water is so critical during exercise. We ? that these vibrant water bottles have time markers directly on them to motivate you to drink more H20 throughout the day.


Blogilates colorful water bottles

(via OGorgeous)


3. Hair accessories to keep away those pesky flyaways – $12 and $10

Having your hair in your face during a workout is probably one of the most annoying things imaginable. A headband with built-in grips or a a fun scrunchie is a great solution. We'd wear these accessories even if we weren't sweating it out!

Ivivva hairband and accessories for working out

(via Ivivva and Ivivva)


4. A no-slip grip yoga mat$46.00

Whether you're stretching, doing yoga or just doing some floor exercises, a yoga mat is a must-have! We're really digging the kaleidoscope pattern on this one.

Multi-colored yoga mat from OGorgeous

(via OGorgeous)


5. A Fitbit Flex – $79.99

This is the dream tech gadget for any girl who is serious about fitness! It tracks your steps, distance and even calories burned. It also monitors how long and well you sleep ?! How rad is that?

Pink Fit Bit Flex from Target

(via Target)


6. A great pair of leggings – $90 and $76

It is scientifically proven that you can work out harder and longer if you're wearing a fierce pair of leggings – okay, not really, but it does help! These Popflex leggings are adorbs enough to wear daily, in our opinion.

Blogilates multi-colored leggins and periwinkle leggings

(via Popflex and Poplex)


7. A bag to put your gear in – $78.00

This Ivivva duffle is the sports bag of our dreams. It has lower pockets to hold your shoes and workout outfits, and it has a back pocket to hold your tennis racket. Putting this on our wish list immediately!

Ivivva duffle bag in blue and pink color

(via Ivivva)


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