Things You'll Only Relate to If You Attend Concerts Like It's Your Job

Concerts aren't just a leisurely activity, they're a lifestyle.

Because you've stumbled upon this post, we're guessing you wholeheartedly feel the same way.

So if you attend concerts like it's actually your job, you'll find the below 20 truths about going to shows more relatable than just about anything.

1. You have at least seven different countdowns created for all the concerts you're going to attend the second you purchase tickets.

2. And unlike everyone else who buys their tickets when they go on sale, you get your tickets during presale. You're ahead of the game.

3. You also need to have a physical copy of your tickets to keep as a sweet reminder. No electronic tickets for you!

A hodgepodge of concert tickets

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4. You plan your life around concert dates. You'd gladly miss prom or a relative's wedding to catch your fave band when they come to your hometown. Sorry, not sorry.

5. And when your friends who don't go to concerts on the regular ask to hang out, they're so used to you turning them down because you have a concert. But they also know you'll gladly buy them a ticket if they want to tag along.

6. "I can't, I have a concert," is literally your excuse to get out of everything. You probably utter that phrase at least 15 times a week.

7. If you can't find anyone to go with you to a concert, you have no problem going alone. You know you'll meet plenty of rad peeps who already have the same great taste in music as you do, so new friendships are bound to be made.

Two girls holding hands while on top of guys' shoulders at a festival

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8. Speaking of new friends, chances are you've probably met some of your closest friends when you went to concerts by yourself. Music has the power to bring people together like nothing else out there.

9. The only place to watch a concert is from the front row. Front row or go home is your motto.

10. And because you love being in the front row so much, you'll spend hours waiting in line to snag your spot. A concert may start at 8 p.m., but you've been known to start the line at 8 a.m.

11. Concerts are really the only way to gage how well you like a band. You may love their music, but if they're terrible live, they're not worth your time. And if they're fantastic? Well, then you'll love them forever and ever.

Concert crowd

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12. And going to concerts is one of the best ways to discover new bands. You've been known to become obsessed with bands who opened for your fave groups.

13. All you ask for on your birthday or any major holiday is money to buy concert tickets or the actual tickets themselves. You're pretty easy to shop for.

14. There isn't a concert venue in your area you haven't been to. Oh, and you definitely have a favorite.

15. When the concert's over, you know it's not actually over. You will wait until the wee hours of the morn just for a quick pic with your fave musician or band member.

16. And if you leave a concert without buy merch, did you even go to the show? No, no you didn't. Merch is always a must.

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17. If a show blew your mind, you've been known to talk about how spectacular it was for months on end to literally anyone. Your bestie, your mom, your cat, your neighbor, a stranger on the street, no one is safe.

18. The only time your Snapchat and Instagram stories are popping is when you're at a concert. Other than that, they're totally lame, but you've accepted it.

19. On the rare occasion you don't have a concert to look forward to, your life becomes this black hole full of emptiness and despair. Dramatic? Yes, but it's the truth.

20. At the end of the day, you'd choose concerts over anything else. The feeling you get when you're in a crowd shouting the lyrics to your favorite songs with strangers-turned-friends is unlike anything else.


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