How to Attract the Attention of Your Aquarius Crush

Although Aquarians have a sociable and happy personality, they're also one of the most difficult zodiac signs when it comes to emotions.

It's not easy to catch the eye of an Aquarius, mostly because they're very uncomfortable expressing their feelings, so it takes time to truly get close to them. But if you're crushing on an Aquarius and you're desperate to move your relationship forward, you can definitely make an impression on this complex sign.

Keep scrolling for five ways to attract the attention of your Aquarius crush.

1. Start an Intellectual Conversation

Aquarius is an air sign, which means they're deeply focused on matters of the mind. In other words, there's nothing an Aquarius loves more than a fascinating, intellectual conversation. Aquarians are deep thinkers who crave mental stimulation and an exchange of ideas, so sparking an intellectual conversation with your Aquarius-born crush is sure to catch their attention. Not only will it give you a chance to talk to them, it will also show off your smarts—a quality they're sure to be attracted to.

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2. Be Friendly

Aquarius-born are some of the biggest humanitarians in all the zodiac. They're deeply concerned with the people around them and capable of adapting to a variety of energies, which makes them very friendly and social. The best thing you can do is match their energy and show off your amiable side. When you're around your crush, try your best to be especially talkative and outgoing. Not only will you catch their attention, you'll also demonstrate that you can keep up with their socially-minded nature.


3. Be Cool

While some signs prefer a partner who's totally upfront with their feelings, Aquarius likes someone who displays an air of mystery. They're a sign who deeply values independence and individuality, so they're drawn to partners who seem to have their own thing going on. Difficult as it may be, try to play it cool when you're around your Aquarius crush. Acting a little indifferent and uninterested will go a long way in piquing their curiosity about you.


4. Be Creative

Aquarius is a sign that focuses on the big picture. They enjoy intellectual conversations, but their mind is often lightyears away, focused on a problem that no one else has even bothered to think about. Therefore, Aquarians are drawn to creative and imaginative people—those who are willing to think outside the box. Show your Aquarius crush your creative side at every opportunity, as they can't help but be drawn to innovation and originality.


5. Cultivate a Friendship

Given their struggle with expressing their emotions, Aquarians tend to shy away from one-on-one activities. They're much more comfortable in a group, where their friendly personality can shine, but they can avoid revealing too much about themselves. If you're trying to build a relationship with your Aquarius crush, it will be most beneficial to start with a friendship. As they become closer and closer to you, they'll feel much more comfortable being vulnerable, opening the door to having a real romantic relationship.


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