How to Attract the Attention of Your Pisces Crush

Pisces are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac.

It's easy to catch their attention, but it'very hard to keep it. They're a fickle sign, but the right approach might just make them loyal to you, and you alone.

If you've found yourself crushin' on a Pisces, keep scrolling for our best tips on how to effectively attract their attention.

Confide in Them

Not only do Pisces love to talk, they're also particularly committed to helping people. They're incredibly selfless and understanding, and they feel most close to people who can confide in them. If you want to feel close to your Pisces crush, disclose a few of your current problems to them. You'll gain insight and understanding from their empathetic nature, and they'll feel much more connected to you—it's a win-win.

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Be Generous

Given their selfless nature, Pisces-born are often willing to do anything for anyone, without expecting something in return. They don't mind that they're often giving more than they take, but they are particularly aware when someone treats them with that same kind of selfless nature. If you want to catch your Pisces' attention, simply be generous to them. Whether it's giving them gifts, being available to them, helping them out with a particularly difficult project or any other giving actions, your selfless behavior will not go unnoticed.


Ask Genuine Questions

Conversation is very important for Pisces-born. However, they have no interest in small talk. They value the ability to open up about their feelings, and they expect the same clear communication from those around them. If you want your Pisces to notice you, ask them pointed questions about their life. Don't be afraid to get personal if it seems appropriate—Pisces will love the ability to open up about themselves. They're guaranteed to feel closer to you after a genuine conversation, and you'll have a better understanding of who they are, as well.

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Be 100% Honest

Although you shouldn't lie to anyone, you should be especially careful regarding dishonesty around a Pisces. This is a very intuitive sign, so they'll be quick to determine whether or not you're being truthful, and they'll probably be right. Pisces-born believe in openness, so they won't stick around for liars, even if it's a harmless falsehood. Better to be 100% honest and keep your relationship intact, rather than risking everything with an unnecessary lie.


Write a Heartfelt Note

As we've already said, Pisces are big on romance. Where other zodiac signs would be uncomfortable with a straightforward approach, Pisces will respond well to a romantic gesture. A sweet handwritten note declaring your feelings will perfectly play into Pisces' emotional nature. They'll be happy that you put yourself out there and they'll relish your ability to be honest with your emotions. They'll also have a sweet memento that will remind them of you, ensuring that your feelings are always at the forefront of their mind.

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Surprise Them With a Gift

In truth, any sort of romantic gesture will work for a Pisces. Much like a note, however, a gift will give them something to hold onto that specifically reminds them of you. Flowers and candy are always a safe bet that's sure to impress. If you want to go one step beyond, however, you can search for something that aligns with their specific interests. Either way, it's hard to go wrong with giving your Pisces a gift. They'll love the sentiment behind it, which means they're guaranteed to adore anything you get.


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