How to Attract the Attention of Your Virgo Crush

Wooing the analytical Virgo in your life isn't quite like attracting the attention of any other zodiac sign.

Rather than big, bold personalities, they tend to be attracted to quiet thoughtfulness and dedication to the things that matter. If you've been completely baffled by your Virgo crush, here are some tips on getting noticed.

Be Neat and Tidy

Virgos are perfectionists who like things to be in order. Their attention to detail is unmatched, so if you're a slob or you tend to leave a mess in your wake wherever you go, Virgo is going to take notice—and they're not going to see that as a positive. Appearances are important to Virgo, but it's less about being the prettiest or having the most expensive, trendy clothes and accessories, and more about being put together and caring about the image you put out into the world. If you're organized and thoughtful about what you do, and appear to have your life together, that Virgo crush is more likely to see you as a potential mate.

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Demonstrate Your Smarts

Virgo is one of the brainiest signs out there, and when they're seeking a partner, they're on the lookout for someone who can keep up with their quick minds. They can instantly tell if you're sharp, and it's a trait they admire above most others, and they don't like making others feel like they're out of their depth. They value intelligence because they want an equal they can share intriguing conversations with. But they also don't want you to be just like them, and are curious about people with incredible talents that differ from their own.

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Follow the Rules

Order is the name of the game for Virgo, and they have a strong respect for rules and the law. If you're the disobedient type and you're constantly defying authority, whether that means chewing gum in class or showing up tardy, they're going to view you as discourteous and rude. They don't believe they can expect much from people who can't adhere to the guidelines put in front of them. In the same vein, they also believe good manners to be one of the most admirable qualities. If you're a rulebreaker, it might be time to shape up.


Recognize Their Ability

Virgos are people who want everything to be perfect all the time, and while they're known for being harsh on others, they're most critical of themselves. That's why they appreciate it so much when others can recognize just how able they are and reassure them where it matters, without blowing smoke in their ears. They're also willing to hear the constructive criticism that will help them work on areas in which they struggle. After all, they're always working toward improving toward flawless results.

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Be Logical

While Virgos do have the capacity to be lovey-dovey from time to time, they generally prefer to listen to heads over their hearts. They look at things objectively and analytically, and they don't have time to let their feelings get in the way of doing what is right. They tend to recoil from situations where people are over-emotional because they can't relate. If you have a tendency to get upset over small things, they'll have a hard time sympathizing with your point of view, and may eventually come to distrust your judgment.


Be Patient

Virgos don't rush into relationships, so even if things are progressing with them, don't expect anything to happen right away. If you try to move too quickly, they might start second-guessing whether it's what they wanted in the first place. In most cases, you'll want to let them set the speed of things and make the first move. If you get too impatient, you might undo everything you've developed with them.


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