Here's What Each Color in Your Aura Means

Do you believe in auras?

Some people hold true that each of us has an energy field around us that reflects our sense of self. Through special photographic processes, you can see your aura, and its colors can reveal who you are spiritually and emotionally.


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While these studies aren't scientific, we do happen to think they're a lot of fun. We can't tell you what color your aura is, but we can tell you what those colors mean. Keep reading to learn about each aura color, with a little help from Aura Aura.


A pink aura is unusual, but the color does crop up from time to time. Pink is said to have the same vibrational frequency as the color green, corresponding to the heart chakra. This color is linked with sensitivity and kindness that's apparent to everyone the holder meets. Their openness makes them intuitive to the point of being slightly psychic. They know how to make people feel comfortable and welcome, and are natural healers. Those with pink auras also have a loving, romantic heart. They know how to help others feel appreciated and inspire joy and cooperation.



Red corresponds with the root chakra, representing the physical body and how it connects with the world around it. Those with red auras know what they want and are willing to make sacrifices to get it. Their powerful passion can make them impulsive, as they'll act to satisfy their needs before thinking through the consequences. They also get bored easily, so they're always doing new things and looking to get things done. Very dark red in an aura can mean someone is holding on to strong negative emotions, from anger and frustration to exhaustion.



Orange corresponds with the sacral chakra, representing emotionality and creativity. Those with an orange chakra are very social, believing themselves to only be as important as their relationships with friends and loved ones. They derive the most happiness from being with people they care about, and always work well with others. In order to maintain their relationships happily, they require insight and adaptability. They make friends quickly, but can't always maintain the deepest of friendships, since they're always eager to move on to the next thing.



Tan auras typically signify logic and reason. These people are analytical and systematic, ensuring that every step is done precisely right along the way to get perfect results every time. They can sometimes have a tough time expressing their feelings, bottling them up instead in order to appear more grounded. Those with tan auras would rather play it safe than sorry, and keep a few close friends rather than a large group of acquaintances. They value knowledge and would rather spend time learning something valuable than slacking off.



Yellow corresponds with the solar plexus chakra, which relates to confidence and a strong sense of self. People with yellow auras tend to be very positive and believe in themselves, which makes them great leaders. They know to inspire others to also be their best selves. However, they also manage to be open-minded, and their egos don't rule their lives. They're secure enough to let others be right and to use the best idea rather than their idea. Those skills allow others to look up to them.


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Green is the color of the heart chakra, which signifies healing and personal growth. People with green auras are brimming with positive energy, loving others for their souls, rather than their actions. They have a healing presence and usually love being out in nature, as well as admiring animals. Their peaceful and kind natures are positively contagious. They're said to have true balance, managing to nurture their own needs as well as the needs of others, and have creative minds to boot. However, dark shades of green may mean they're feeling envious or even judged.



A turquoise aura means that its owner is a natural communicator. They're eloquent and persuasive, so their words have a strong ability to sway others. They're also skilled at reading people, and are nearly empathic when it comes to sensing what they want. In fact, they can help people realize things about themselves that they didn't know previously. They were born to multi-task, as they can't stand focusing on any one thing for too long. Since they're so good at juggling different tasks at once, they're also great at managing issues. They can inspire people to all get on the same page, and have the ability to resolve nearly any conflict.



Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra, which represents the ability to communicate and express the self. Those with blue auras are optimistic souls who are born to protect and to foster growth in others. They have calm and kind natures that are obvious to anyone who meets them. When they act, they're always true to themselves, allowing their emotions to guide their choices over logic. They're also dreamy and imaginative, and they always say exactly what's on their minds. However, people with blue auras are also very sensitive and prone to soaking up other people's energies, so they require time and space to themselves to meditate and relax.


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Indigo corresponds with the third eye chakra, which represents inspiration as well as intuition and spirituality. When people have indigo auras, they're often like an energy sponge. That sensitivity can make them amazing psychics, but can also make them prone to soaking up negative energies from others and internalizing them. Despite this, they're always open to using their gifts to help others and allow them to better understand their world. They're always seeking truth and knowledge, and they want to pass that on to others as well. However, a dark indigo color in the aura can mean someone is feeling unsure of themself.



Purple is the color of the crown chakra, which represents consciousness and its connection to a higher consciousness. Those with purple auras are often magnetically charming, with irresistible personalities that draw people in. They desire to be important people, and when they have big ideas, they have the ability to make others believe in them, too. They always see the bigger picture, and are willing to ignore small details and make some sacrifices for the greater good of their beliefs. When they believe in something, they have the power to make it happen.



Magenta means that someone has a blend between red, blue and white in their aura. It means that someone has a strong connection to the physical world with their red, but that they're also a creative thinker with their blue. They're endlessly imaginative and bursting with energy, but they also refuse to cut corners. People with magenta auras are also completely original and want all of their ideas to be their own, rather than a retread of someone else's. They're independent, and even slightly unusual, but they don't mind the extra attention. Their innovations might not be understood at first, but they have the potential to change the world.


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