Here's How Your Aura Can Be Captured With a Photograph

I've always been intrigued by the metaphysical.

I have a crystal shrine in my bedroom and I've been known to visit psychics or read my own tarot cards whenever I can.

I just find it all so fascinating.

For the most part, I know a bit about various metaphysical topics, but the one thing I was always curious about, yet never pursued, was finding out my aura.

I once had a medicine reading done where I was told I had a bright green aura, meaning I'm compassionate and connected to nature. Other than that, I never went on to discover more about my aura.

Enter HALO Auragraphic—a portable photo studio founded by Michael and Sharon Walker that captures your aura in one stunning picture.

As an artist, Michael has always been interested in photographing auras.

"Aura photography brings together art and self-discovery in a really beautiful way," he said. "It has always really appealed to me on multiple levels. The goal with HALO was simply to be able to share this experience with other people."

But Michael hopes people walk away from their visit to HALO with a whole lot more than just a photo of their aura.

"I hope it reconnects people with themselves," he shared. "I also hope it helps people see the world from a different perspective and reminds them that we all have unique beauty within us."

Intrigued by all HALO has to offer, I decided to get my aura photographed to see if it really was as magical of an experience as I had hoped.

When I walked into their pop-up location at Base Coat Nail Salon in downtown Los Angeles, I immediately noticed a large, spaceship-looking tent in the middle of the space. That's where I would be getting my aura photographed.

Michael welcomed me into the tent and had me sit on a stool in front of a camera. Next, he asked me to place my hands on two silver hand plates. I asked him what they did.

"The plates are built to measure your body's electromagnetic energy from the meridian points in your hands," Michael noted. "Those points are the in and outflow of energy points in your body. The hand plates connect to a special camera and you hold still for 5-10 seconds through a double exposure. During that time your electromagnetic biofeedback is transferred through your hands, into the hand plates, through the camera and on to film."

After discovering how this all worked, it was time for my aura to be captured. I had to sit still for a couple of seconds while the picture was taken, making sure not to blink within the first three seconds.

Once the photo was snapped, I waited a little less than a minute for it to be developed. Seeing my aura was surreal. It's definitely not something you see every day.

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Michael also went into depth about what my aura meant. I have a little bit of yellow on my left side, indicating that I'm creative, free-spirited and childlike. If I ever need to get back to myself, I do so by connecting with nature and animals.

On my right side, I have a lot of magenta. This means I'm a non-conformist who is original and likes to bring unique and innovative ideas into the world.

Above me, I have a combination of blue, indigo, magenta and crystal, showing that I'm compassionate and spiritual. I'm wise and sensitive, hoping to help others during my stay on this planet.

My aura was pretty spot on. I wasn't surprised by anything it revealed about me, but it did make me feel a lot more connected to myself spiritually.

Because I had once been told I had a bright green aura and no green showed up in this photo, I asked Michael if my aura could ever change.

"Our energy, like our lives, is moving and changing and is affected by literally everything around us," he said. "Some auras change frequently and others stay pretty much the same over long periods of time. One of my favorite writers on the subject is Pamela Oslie. She talks about everyone having one, or sometimes two, life colors. These colors are your core colors that represent you energetically and stay with you throughout your life while other colors around you can come and go."

And just as no two humans are exactly alike, no two auras will be the same. Though, Michael noted, they can be pretty similar.

"I notice in group settings, some people can take on the energy that is similar to other people around them," he said. "Couples and friends that spend a lot of time together can sometimes share similar auras, too."

Getting my aura photographed by Michael was an experience I will never forget. It allowed me to see the magic inside of me and really did bring me closer to myself. I'll cherish my aura photo for years to come.

I definitely recommend checking out HALO if you want to get your aura photographed. You can see where their next pop-up location will be HERE. And if you'd like them to visit somewhere else, be sure to tell them that HERE.


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