Austin & Ally 4th Season Buzzfeed By Calum Worthy!

We all know that Austin & Ally should return for a 4th season on the Disney Channel, but the show's Calum Worthy wrote an article for Buzzfeed including 18 reasons why it should, and we love it!

Some of the list is based on analytics and stats. For example, the show has had more than 58 million impressions across social media in just three days, #AustinAndAllySeason4 was trending for 8 days in a row on Twitter, and the show has more than than 100 million views on YouTube!

Other parts of the list were more close to Calum's heart. The actor explained that the show has been live-changing for the cast, and it has allowed them to meet and interact with so many amazing fans! Plus, there's there's no way it can finish without the fans knowing what happens in the end between Austin & Ally!

There were also a couple of fake reasons thrown in, such as an endorsement by One Direction, and another by President Obama, but they're just as valid as the actual reasons!

After hearing Calum's compelling arguments, there's no way the show won't be back next year!  Check out the list here, and make sure to keep Tweeting with #AustinAndAllySeason4 and join us at to show your support for Austin & Ally!