Austin and Ally's I'm Finally Me Hits Radio Disney

In last night's episode of the hit Disney Show Austin and Ally, Laura Marano's character Ally Dawson performed a brand new song called "I'm Finally Me!"

Laura Marano co-wrote the song, which appeared in the new episode "Tracks & Trouble"

Laura Marano in Austin and Ally

The song is about the steps Ally took to overcome the stage fright that was preventing her from being the best she could be onstage.

"I'm stepping out of my shell

Feels good just being myself

Not scared to show what's inside

I'll put it all on the line

'Cause I got nothing to hide"

In the first season, Ally's nervousness prevented the world from knowing what a brilliant songwriter she was. Finally, she's breaking out of her shell with Ross's help and showing off her amazing voice!

Austin & Ally- I'm Finally Me

Laura Marano has noted in interviews that this is her favorite song ever from Austin & Ally. The song has also played on Radio Disney, and the fans are absolutely loving it!