Every Important Life Lesson We Learned From Watching 'Austin & Ally'

Austin & Ally may have aired it's final episode, but it will live on in our hearts (and reruns) 5EVA! We'll never forget these six important life lessons we learned from watching the show. SPOILER ALERT: The last life lesson reveals a MAJOR moment from the finale.


Austin & Ally cast group hug

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Life is way more magical with the right squad by your side.


Austin & Ally episode still

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Use your style as a way of expressing yourself. Clearly Dez and Trish know how to show off their bold personalities to the world!


Austin & Ally silly cast photo

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And always embrace your awkwardness. Being your normal ~weird~ self is better than being someone you're not.


Austin & Ally hug

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Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and tell your crush you have feelings for them. It's better to know than wonder what could've been.


Austin & Ally performance

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Never let anything or anyone hold you back from making your dreams a reality.


Austin & Ally wedding finale

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Speaking of that major spoiler we mentioned earlier, Austin and Ally end up getting married in the finale and we even get to meet their son and daughter — OUR AUSLLY HEARTS CAN'T EVEN!!! And this brings us to the most important life lesson we've learned from watching the show, things always have a way of working out the way the universe wants them to.


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