Austin Mahone Loves Pizza!

Austin Mahone loves pizza, and he told us last week at the Young Hollywood Awards that if he were to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, he'd want the star to reflect his favorite food!

Austin Mahone loves pizza

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Austin's fans are very aware of Austin's dedication to pizza, and it's a topic he talks about often. Austin Mahone's favorite pizza topping is pepperoni!

Earlier this year, Austin Mahone was actually invited to Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Bar in New York to learn how to make a pizza from scratch! He learned how to toss the dough and place the toppings, and the resulting pizza looked delicious!

Back in June, Austin Mahone tried a real Chicago deep-dish pizza, and in mid-July, Austin sampled a pizza in London.

"Let's see how it compares to back home," Austin Tweeted. We wonder what the verdict was?

In Japan earlier this week, Austin Mahone made a customized Austin Mahone pizza in the shape of a smiley face, complete with a pepperoni mouth and sausage eyes and nose!

If you watch Austin Mahone's Keek videos, you know that he's a BIG fan of pizza. We can't wait to see what other pizza adventures he'll go on next!

Austin Mahone loves pizza