Austin Mahone Is A Musical Cutie And The #MCM We Need More Of

It's true, we are MAJOR Mahomies and we want the world to know it! Austin Mahone has been on our radar ever since 2013 when he opened for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour and was named MTV's Artist To Watch. We've loved all of his singles, from "What About Love," (our personal fave) to "Secret," to the song we can't get out of our heads, "Dirty Work." We can't deny the obvious, this guy is adorable and we have a very very good feeling that this is still only just the beginning of success for him. For that reason and many more, we had to name him our Man Crush Monday this week?!

Austin Mahone MCM Main Blog Image

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Full Name: Austin Carter Mahone

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Nickname: AM and Ameezy (cute, huh ?)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Birthday: April 4, 1996 (his 20th bday was last Monday!)

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Fudge Brownie

Fun Facts:

1. Austin met Taylor Swift at a coffee shop years before he opened for her in her 2013 Red Tour. That's some ~crazy~ fate.

Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift at Red Tour

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2. Austin got his music career started by posting videos with his best friend Alex Constancio on their YouTube channel ShootUsDown. When he started posting music videos on his own, he (not so surprisingly) gained massive followers. Hellooo stardom.

3. At the end of 2015, Mahone released his "This Is Not The Album," free mixtape which includes 19 free (yassss, we love free ?) downloadable songs featuring some of our fave singers like Becky G. He released this mixtape because he wanted his fans to have something to jam out to while he works on finishing his debut album. How sweet is he?!

4. Like us, Austin Mahone, has a deep love for pizza. Seriously, just check out his amazing pizza sweatshirt and pizza making skillz…

Austin Mahone With Pizza

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5. Austin not only has the voice of an angel, but he can play the piano, guitar, and drums. Gahhh, he's  musically gifted in every way.

6. He's kind of obsessed with tennis shoes….we heard he has at least 300 pairs. Um, whoah!

7. The craziest thing he's ever done to get a girl's attention was write her a wacky song. We def wouldn't mind being serenaded by Austin. C'mon, just look at that face ?!

Austin Mahone Image From Just Jared

(via Just Jared Jr.)


Tbh, the fact that Austin loves pizza as much as we do is one of our fave things about him. Did you know that Austin isn't the only pizza obsessed celeb?! See who else shares our weakness for the cheesy goodness.